How coffee grounds can improve your cannabis garden

How coffee grounds can improve your cannabis garden
Luke Sholl

Used coffee grounds are full of beneficial nutrients, that can enhance the health of your soil and cannabis plants, that grow in it.

Cannabis and coffee have a special relationship. Brewing up a fresh cup of coffee and sipping it in combination with some cannabis on the side can be therapeutic. However, these two plants also have a special relationship outside of the living room and into the garden itself.

Coffee grounds are an amazing source of organic material, that can help your cannabis plants survive and thrive by providing them with many minerals they require for optimum health and happiness. Coffee grounds are also acidic, so they are particularly useful in alkaline soils. These are a few ways of how you can use coffee grounds in your cannabis garden in order to boost the health of your soil and vibrancy of your plants.


Coffee grounds are an extremely cheap, easy to come by and effective source of nutrients for your cannabis plants. They contain several nutrients, that are paramount for the health of your crop, such as magnesium and potassium.

Coffee grounds are also a good source of nitrogen, a key nutrient required by cannabis plants in order to allow them to make green leaves, that allow them to produce the energy they need to survive through photosynthesis. Nitrogen deficiencies can lead to leave damage and wilting. Coffee grounds can be simply sprinkled into the soil.


Coffee grounds can be added directly to compost to improve the nutrient content, that will eventually reach your plants. Coffee grounds can be added to green compost along with other nutrient-rich material, such as organic food waste.


Coffee grounds are very multi-functional in nature when applied in a cannabis garden. As well as playing the role of a great nutrient source, they can also help to defend against pests when applied to the soil. Coffee grounds are quite sharp and coarse and are also acidic. This makes them a great material to build barriers out of in order to fend off slugs and snails.


Coffee grounds can be placed inside your cannabis garden's worm bin. However, be sure not to overdo it, as the grounds are quite acidic. Be sure to balance out your worms diet with other sources of organic materials. The act of creating compost using worms is known as vermiculture or vermicomposting.

Worms act to eat the added organic material, digest it and poop it out. This end result, or poop, is known as worm castings. Worm castings contain good nutrient levels, as well as microbes, that help to break soil down in ways beneficial to your weed pants.


Coffee grounds may be useful in preventing types of fungus, that might pose a threat to your plants. The presence of coffee grounds within the same soil your weed is thriving in may prevent Fusarium, Pythium, and Sclerotinia fungi from invading.


If you think your soil is not suitable for the acidity of coffee grounds, you can take action to neutralise this by adding an alkaline substance, such as garden lime powder. This way your soil and weed plants can still benefit from the nutrients, without suffering any negative effects from excess acidity.

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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