Pets and secondhand smoke: is smoking weed around your pet safe?

Pets and secondhand smoke: is smoking weed around your pet safe?

If you have pets and you like to smoke weed, you might have thought about whether your pet could get high. But is it actually safe to smoke around your furry friends?

It's common sense that if you have pets, then you should refrain from passing them the doobie. Getting your pet intentionally stoned may look cute on camera, but in reality, you're only harming their health. But what if you want to enjoy a smoke session and the company of your beloved pet at the same time? Is that safe?

Marijuana is a mostly harmless plant that's responsible for zero deaths, so what's the worst that secondhand weed smoke could do to a pet? Although the odds of your pet getting high from secondhand smoke are slim to none, the risk is still there, along with a few other potential health problems.



Before you consider a new smoke spot, or worse, giving your pet away, know that only in extreme cases can your pet be harmed by secondhand marijuana smoke. Secondhand smoke similarly affects humans and mammals. Just like hotboxing a car will affect you and your buddies, trapping your pet in a tight space with little to no ventilation and blazing away will have its effects.

Thankfully, the potential dangers of secondhand smoke for your pet can be easily avoided. Most cannabis consumers don't hotbox on the regular. Still, it's important to know why you should not let Fluffy or Scruffy sit in on such a smoke session, just in case they ever decide to run in.

For starters, pets have a highly delicate respiratory system. Smoking around cats, dogs, or even birds can cause not only respiratory problems but also lung cancer and lymphoma.[1]

Cats are especially at risk for these problems as their noses are short and they can suffer from "third-hand smoke" on top of secondhand smoke. That means the smoke that sticks to your furniture or carpet could be potentially hazardous to felines.

Birds, in particular, run into the risk of eye, heart, skin, and even fertility issues with secondhand smoke. Regardless of the type of pet, secondhand smoke can be toxic in some way. But again, only in excessive amounts.


So, should you hotbox in the same room as your pets? No. And should you blow smoke into your pet's mouth? No. It's all about using common sense.

Secondhand smoke is unsafe for pets, so if you're having a bunch of friends over and there's going to be a ton of clouds, then open a window, or put Fluffy in a separate room. Or, if you're not putting yourself at legal risk, then step outside to enjoy your herb.


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