Smuggling weed in the florida everglades

In this short docu by Vice, notorious marijuana smuggler Tim McBride aka "the Saltwater Cowboy" tells stories about the golden days of smuggling cannabis.

Back in the 80s, smuggling drugs into the United States was a growing business. And while most of the cocaine coming in from countries like Colombia came through Miami, a lot of the cannabis came through smaller places. One of these places was Everglades City in Florida, and one of the people running these smuggling operations is Tim McBride, aka “the Saltwater Cowboy”.

Luckily for Tim (and us), he spent only 4 years in prison after facing multiple life sentences and he lives to tell his amazing stories about the times when they had to involve half the population of their town in their smuggling operations.

In this short documentary by Vice, Tim and one of his former smuggling buddies take the camera team through the Florida backwaters and tell stories about how they used to hide from the cops between the 1000 islands while carrying millions worth of weed on their boats.