What is the minimal required amount of nutrients for growing cannabis outdoors?

What is the minimal required amount of nutrients for growing cannabis outdoors?
Luke Sholl

Every first time grower should know what nutrients you should definitely use and what the minimum amount is to have a successful first grow. Find out what our expert growers think.

Hello CannaConnection guys and ladies,

I am definitely not an expert in how to grow plants, but have been wanting to try growing cannabis myself as long as I am smoking it, about 12 years now.

This year, I have decided to finally start my first outdoor grow!

I'm planning to grow in open soil and want to use as little nutrients as possible. What kind of nutrients should I definitely use and what is the minimum I should add during the whole season?

Hoping for your answer and with green regards,


Hi Janet,

Good question! And I am happy to hear that you are finally going to grow your own!

I think I understand from your question that the reason you don’t want to use too many nutrients is because you probably want to keep things as natural as possible.

In this case, we would recommend considering some additives such as mulch, compost, worm humus/castings, etc.

It would obviously be best to choose the healthiest patch of soil you can find. A place where native plants grow most abundantly. If possible, clear out this area and organize your garden there.

This way, you are assured the soil is already rich in nutrients and less fertilizers will be required later on. The simplest way to go would be to add worm castings in the potting hole and eventually top the soil with it later on in the season.

If you want to use branded bio fertilizers, we recommend choosing a simple line of without too many ingredients. Some companies offer simple outdoor solutions which work just fine.

The rule of thumb is that if plants look healthy and develop properly, all their basic needs are met at the moment. If not, you can always add.

Good luck with your first grow and let us know how it went?

Luke Sholl
Luke Sholl

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