Legal status of marijuana in Cyprus

Legal status of marijuana in Cyprus
Adam Parsons

Cyprus is highly intolerant of cannabis and the substance is heavily illegal there. Possession of the herb can lead to large fines and prison sentences.

Cyprus is known for its beautiful beaches and great weather. But if you are thinking of planning a cannabis infused vacation here, you better think twice.


Cannabis is not tolerated in Cyprus and is heavily illegal, regardless of recreational or medical use. Although the idea of smoking weed in Cyprus seems like a therapeutic and relaxing occasion, the reality is that attempting to do so would have to be carried out with the utmost caution in order to avoid trouble with the law.

Medical marijuana is not legal in Cyprus as it is in other countries that have dispensaries and growing permits. However, the government announced in 2017 that some cancer patients that are in a later stage of the disease now have a possibility to apply to the Health Ministry in order to receive cannabis oil.


Any activities that are associated with cannabis are also illegal, such as selling, possessing, growing and buying. It has been reported that police in the region are highly intolerant of cannabis and give no privilege to foreigners. In fact, some reports even state that the police force in the region will harass anybody they may suspect of illegal activities and will initiate a search of possessions.

The Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances Law of 1977 has classed cannabis as a class B substance within Cyprus. This means that life imprisonment is a possibility for cannabis use and a maximum of 8 years imprisonment may be served if a person is found to possess the herb. If a person is under 25 years of age, then a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment may be given for possession. A warning may be given to a minor first offender.

If you are found to be smoking weed in Cyprus or are found to be in possession of the substance you may be taken to a local police station. Here, a statement, fingerprints and a confession are taken. After a minor interrogation, the offender will be held in a cell overnight and released.

Later the individual will be called to court asked to pay a large fine if they are a first time offender, depending on the amount of cannabis they were found to posses. Offenders may even be enrolled onto a 6 month detox programme.

For these reasons it is obvious that possessing any amount of cannabis in Cyprus is dangerous and not advised.

Cannabis still remains highly illegal in the island nation of Cyprus. However, there does appear to be progress being made in the domain of medical marijuana. The government seems to be working on getting foreign companies to deliver cannabis derived medicines to Cyprus so that patients can have better access.

The ideal would be to use the perfect weather conditions in Cyprus and let people grow their own medicine, but it seems this situation might still be very far ahead in the future.


Groups such as Legalise it Cyprus are promoting cannabis legalisation and reporting on the many uses and benefits of the plant.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons

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