Legal status of marijuana in uruguay

Legal status of marijuana in uruguay
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

Uruguay stunned the world by legalizing cannabis in late 2013. But is marijuana fully legal in Uruguay?

Uruguay has been making headlines all over the world with its new cannabis policy. Technically, this is a country still in transition but it is great to know that there is more to Uruguay than just its beaches, although these are pretty awesome in their own right.

Cannabis reform has moved forward here, really quickly. Personal use is not penalized. Even better, there is no specific quality set for this designation.

This little South American gem is still largely untouched by mass tourism. You can enjoy a tropical paradise still unspoiled by lots of outsiders. And soon will be able to find abundant, cheap reefer pretty easily.


In 2016 Uruguay has taken the decision to become the first country to legally sell cannabis over the counter in pharmacies. Basically this means that wether you are a medical user or a recreational user, cannabis will be available without any prescription, as long as you are a citizen or a permanent resident. You will need to sign up for a national registry of cannabis users and can get up to 40 grams a month.

This pharmacy distribution system is set to be working from the middle of 2017 and that said, most people still grow their own. Failing that, they buy their stash from a cannabis club.


As you can get your stash at a pharmacy, a cannabis club and are allowed to grow up to six plants at home, one might say that as a recreational user you are pretty much good in Uruguay.

Nothing, as long as it is for personal use. Beyond that? Be careful as this still might get you into serious problems.

Only licensed grow facilities controlled by the government can sell the drug, so don’t start selling weed of course.

Bottom line? If you are not doing anything else too criminal you probably will get away with a slap on the wrist, at worst. Just don’t sell it or go around with huge amounts! Things might get sticky.

The cannabis legalization law is still taking shape. At some point, Uruguay will have a licensed medical program and generous home grow options. Until then, go with those who grow. Implementation here is also being complicated by international UN regulations.

Miguel Antonio Ordoñez
Miguel Antonio Ordoñez

Miguel Ordoñez is a long-time writer by trade. Utilizing his AB Mass Media and Communications degree, he has 13 years of experience and counting. He’s covered a wide array of topics, with passion lying in combat sports, mental health, and of course, cannabis.