What is Rick Simpson oil?

What is Rick Simpson oil?
Luke Sumpter

Rick Simpson oil (Cannabis oil) has become very famous in the past decade because of the widespread claims it can cure cancer.

Rick Simpson oil is a name for oil made from the cannabis plant. In other words it's... cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil has become very famous in the past decade because of the widespread claims it can cure cancer and a wider spectrum of mental as well as physical ailments.

The usage of cannabis oil for the treatment of cancer has first been brought to daylight by the Canadian citizen Rick Simpson. Because of this cannabis oil for the treatment of cancer is often called Rick Simpson Oil.

In 2003 Rick started experimenting with the oil on his own facial skin cancer and when he concluded that the cancer was gone he started to also give the oil to other people.

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First to his mother who had psoriasis and a man with a melanoma on his cheek bone. They got cured in a very short period of time, and Rick has been spreading his message of these miracles cure ever since.

The Rick Simpson oil is a very different substance compared to the CBD and Hemp oil which is currently sold all over the internet.

The CBD oil, or Hemp oil, sold online is produced from industrial hemp and is a mix of pure CBD mixed with olive oil or hempseed oil.

The Rick Simpson oil though, contains the complete spectrum of materials present in the cannabis plant, including CBD, chlorophyll, THC and all of the other elements the plant contains.

The levels of THC in Rick Simpson oil can vary from 80 to 90 percent and the levels of CBD are usually around 15-20 percent. This means a THC:CBD ratio of 5:1.

The amounts of the other plant materials is less researched and therefore unknown, but they could also have beneficial properties that other oils lack because of isolating the CBD. This is still being experimented on and the results are heavily debated within the medical and scientific community.

Although Rick Simpson used mostly cannabis indica for treatment with cannabis oil, it can be made from cannabis sativa plant as well, depending on what ailments the oil will used for to try to cure.

Sativa's have a more uplifting effect so they are the obvious choice for treating mental illnesses like depression while the Indica's have a more sedating effect and are mostly used for treating the physical ailments like cancer or glaucoma.

The oil is either ingested or applied externally to the skin on the affected areas.

Because the Rick Simpson oil does contain amounts of THC, contrary to the CBD oil which is legally obtainable and only has negligible amounts of THC, cannabis oil is not legally obtainable, at least for the most of us, and thus can only be made by the users themselves.

Because of the illegal status of the Rick Simpson oil it is mostly used by users at home or in private and experimental clinics. The medical and scientific community continue to experiment with the substances found in cannabis plants and there are a lot of studies already done and published.

We do have to point out that we as the authors of this article are not medically qualified and the above article is purely informational.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter

Luke has worked as a cannabis journalist and health science researcher for the past seven years. Over this time, he’s developed an advanced understanding of endocannabinoid system science, cannabis phytochemistry, and cultivation techniques.