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Wedding Cake: Deliciously Sweet and Potent

Wedding Cake

Also known as Triangle Mints #23, the mouth-wateringly sweet Wedding Cake has well and truly made its mark on the modern cannabis community. With its dessert-like aroma and taste, this strain is one for the flavour-heads; but growers and smokers of all types will be impressed by everything this specimen has to offer. Find out all you need to know about Wedding Cake, before you try a slice yourself!

Genetic Background of Wedding Cake: The Progeny of Indica Superstars

First created by the skilled breeders at Seed Junky Genetics, Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant cross between two veritable flavour bombs: Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Containing 16–25% THC, Wedding Cake is considerably potent, which, alongside its flavour profile, has greatly increased its appeal in recent years.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a popular hybrid cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush. Known for its sweet and earthy flavour profile, it's a well-balanced strain that offers both relaxing and energising effects.

Cherry Pie

Deriving from Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, Cherry Pie is an indica hybrid with a sweet and sour flavour profile and a THC content of up to 24%.

Aroma and Flavour of Wedding Cake: A Dessert Unlike Any Other

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is most known for its sweet and dessert-like flavour profile, which is accurately reflected in its name. Although its aroma is primarily composed of vanilla, it also has earthy undertones that make for a unique and complex experience. Additionally, the doughy, cake-like taste is moreish, without being too much.

The terpene profile of this strain is led by:

  • Humulene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene

Potency and Effects of Wedding Cake: Powerful Relaxation

With an average THC content in the early 20% range, Wedding Cake has the potential to deliver a substantial high. Beginning with an uplifting euphoria, the experience eventually veers into utter relaxation, soothing the body from head to toe while keeping the mind relatively clear. Though it’s not immediately couch-locking, Wedding Cake is arguably best suited for after-work smoking. Perfect for quiet evenings or intimate gatherings with close friends; perhaps not as ideal for busy social events and early mornings.

Recreational Uses

Wedding Cake is a perfect choice for recreational users looking to unwind and destress. Along with acting as a social lubricant for small gatherings, the strong relaxation it provides helps to take the weight of the day off of your shoulders, inducing a calm, present state of mind.

Medical Uses

Wedding Cake’s therapeutic potential is multifaceted, although the strain is perhaps best suited for addressing physical discomfort, low appetite, and low mood. Given its highly relaxing effect, Wedding Cake may also be a viable option for users looking to address anxiety or stress.

Side Effects

Like all THC-rich strains, Wedding Cake can cause side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes. Some users have also reported feeling paranoid or anxious after using this strain in larger amounts. Use in moderation to avoid such adverse effects.

Growing Wedding Cake: Large Yields From Discreet Plants

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake can be grown both indoors and outdoors with great success. Its flowering time is relatively short, ranging from 8–9 weeks, which makes it a feasible option for those looking for a quick turnaround. Showcasing a short and bushy stature, Wedding Cake can be grown successfully in smaller spaces. However, some pruning is essential to prevent stagnant air from building up around the canopy as the buds mature. At harvest, this strain produces dense buds with a forest green hue, with some nugs potentially developing purple undertones. Indoors or out, growers can expect to haul in large yields in optimal conditions.

Indoor Growing Tips

When growing Wedding Cake indoors, it is important to keep the temperature and humidity levels consistent to support development and prevent mould. This strain does well in a SOG setup, which involves growing multiple plants in a small space. After just 8–9 weeks under grow lights, Wedding Cake can produce as much as 500g/m². Despite its delicious flavours, Wedding Cake has a subtle aroma, which makes it ideal for stealth growing. In other words, it is not likely to draw attention due to any strong or overpowering odours. This can be especially beneficial for growers looking to keep their operation under wraps.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Wedding Cake thrives in a warm and dry climate, though it can also grow well in less-than-perfect conditions with the proper care and attention. When it comes time to harvest, around mid-October, growers can expect large yields of around 600g/plant, making Wedding Cake a great choice for cultivators seeking to fill several stash jars.

Should You Try Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake’s deliciously sweet flavour and potent effects make it a favourite among both medical and recreational cannabis enthusiasts. And with its small stature and great yield potential, there’s little for growers not to love!

For Growers

Though Wedding Cake is a good option for all manner of growers, it is particularly suited to stealth growers looking to keep a low profile without sacrificing yields. Given its small size and discreet aroma, growers can secure a high-quality stash without drawing attention to their operation. Whether a beginner grower or a seasoned vet, Wedding Cake delivers.

For Recreational Users

Recreational users will definitely appreciate the calming and euphoric high that this strain provides. Perfect for those seeking a moment of relaxation after a long day, Wedding Cake is primed to ease your body while opening your mind. Plus, its delectable flavour will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds, making it an unforgettable experience for any cannabis enthusiast.

For Medical Users

Wedding Cake is highly valued among medical users for its exceptional physically relaxing properties. Those looking to take the edge off of aches and pains may find this strain quite suitable. Furthermore, its calming effect has gained Wedding Cake renown among those dealing with mood-related issues like depression.

Wedding Cake: A Party in Your Mouth

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a cannabis delicacy that has something to offer everyone. With its deliciously sweet flavour and calming yet clear-headed high, it's the perfect choice for achieving full-body relaxation. Additionally, its large yields and brief flowering stage make it a versatile option for indoor and outdoor growers.

Wedding Cake Strain: FAQ

Q: What is the Wedding Cake strain?
A: Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies.

Q: What are Wedding Cake's effects?
A: The high produced by Wedding Cake is generally described as relaxing and blissful.

Q: What are the medical benefits of Wedding Cake?
A: Wedding Cake is reportedly used by individuals dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, among others.

Q: What does the Wedding Cake strain taste like?
A: Wedding Cake is world-famous for its doughy, vanilla, and dessert-like flavours.

Grow your own Wedding Cake

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Lineage of Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake genetics are present in the following strains:

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Perfekt um Texte zu schreiben oder einfach um zu entspannen.
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Perfekt zum Riesenrad fahren.
By Greyspast Mar 1-2023
Perfekt für jeden Anlass, selbst für Langzeit Konsumenten perfekt
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