Strawberry Amnesia

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Strawberry Amnesia (Dinafem)
Strawberry Amnesia (Dinafem)
Strawberry Amnesia (Dinafem)
Strawberry Amnesia (Dinafem)
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Strawberry Amnesia (Dinafem)
Strawberry Amnesia (Dinafem)
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Strawberry Amnesia: Provides an energetic high

Strawberry Amnesia is the aromatic and powerful love child of the highly appreciated and well known strains Strawberry Cough and Amnesia. This strain was created from a desire to introduce a new and potent sativa (-dominant) strain to the cannabis world.

Strawberry Amnesia is a popular strain among many sectors of the weed scene, from novice growers looking for something easy to start with, to advanced growers seeking a seed that will arrive to flower rapidly and provide THC rich sativa buds leaving them with a cognitive buzz.

Sativa strains are known to provide an energetic and cerebral high capable of inducing motivation and drive. The sativa dominant nature of Strawberry Amnesia means that the strain does indeed have many of these traits. This cannabis strain is on the potent side of things, kicking out buds heavy with resin with a THC content of up to a rather huge 22 percent.

After skinning a joint or loaded up a glass rig, smokers can expect some very positive and pleasurable effects from firing up Strawberry Amnesia. The strain offers, more than anything else, a relaxed feeling. However, this relaxation is in the some kind of body high caused by indica plants. It’s more of a cerebral effect that leaves the user feeling uplifted, focused, creative and ready to achieve some goals and contribute some work to their on going personal projects.

This is a great strain to fire up before writing, reading or doing any kind of cognitive task that you can handle whilst high. Strawberry Amnesia generates a exhilarating and active sensation. However the strain does have some more chill properties. If a smoker happens to be tired or fancies some down time, Strawberry Amnesia’s relaxing aspect are great for this.

The high cannabinoid content of this strain also lends to some medical applications. The strain may be effective at easing stress, helping headaches, boosting low energy and enhancing appetite.

When growing Strawberry Amnesia, growers can expect to see yields of resin coated buds in around 70 days of flowering. This strain is on the taller side of things, really an expression of its sativa dominant genetics. If cultivating indoors in a grow room, growers will experience yields of roughly 625 g per meter squared. If growing outside in garden beds or gorilla grows in hidden settings, this strain can produce up to a highly impressive 1100 g per plant, unleashing its true sativa potential.

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