Royal Highness

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Royal Highness (Royal Queen Seeds)
Royal Highness (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Royal Highness (Royal Queen Seeds)
Sativa-dominant (60%)
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Royal Highness: Top CBD Strain For Medicinal And Recreational Users

Medicinal cannabis strains that have a balanced amount THC and CBD are great for those users who take the herb for medicinal reasons but don’t mind the benefits of a mild high while doing so. The wonderful Royal Highness can give you exactly that and a lot more and this makes her an excellent strain not only for medicinal users!

This cross between a Dance Hall (a superb Spanish hybrid) and a Respect, a strain who also has some Spanish roots due to her excellent Juanita la Lagrimosa genetics is powerful and brings some serious medicinal potential to the table. Let’s look at her growing traits first.

Royal Highness is a sativa-dominant strain (60% sativa) that won’t normally grow taller than about 100cm which makes her excellent to grow for all kinds of locations. With a flowering time of 8-9 weeks she keeps the wait for a bountiful harvest still reasonable. When you grow her, you can look forward to excellent yields of up to 600g/m² in a typical indoor grow setting with a 600W grow light. Outdoors, she can yield as much as 475g of some first grade medicine per plant where she keeps at about the same height.

Royal Highness measures 14% of THC which is moderate if you consider that there are strains today that at times have twice as much or more - but of course these hardcore strains would be hardly considered “medicinal”. With her decent amount of THC comes about the same amount of CBD which not only balances out her effect but which greatly adds to her medicinal potential.

Her effect has a slight sativa note to it, very clear and active with only the slightest hint of a “stone”, very good so you can enjoy her pretty much any time of the day. Her balance of THC and CBD makes for a good smoke that can help you with a plethora of conditions from the relief of pains and muscle tension to helping with anxiety and other mood disorders.

Royal Highness is also a wonderful strain not only for therapeutic uses but can also be a good choice if you have a low tolerance for THC or simply love a smoke that is more on the milder side when it comes to her effect. After all, this means you can enjoy her even more without being stoned out of your mind just from one hit!

While her effect is already very pleasant and highly enjoyable, she tops it all with some excellent flavour. She blends Haze notes with some Skunky and fruity tones which makes for a very enjoyable smoke, nice, sweet and smooth just like her effect!

Royal Highness is a very satisfying and enjoyable plant and she can deliver the full package without needing to go to extremes in any way. She can be recommended whether you’re a medicinal user or simply if you want to try something different for a change!

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8-9 weeks
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