Monster Bud Kush

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Monster Bud Kush
Monster Bud Kush
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Monster Bud Kush
Indica-dominant (80%)
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Monster Bud Kush: Quintessential chill strain

When you see the word "kush" connected to a cannabis strain name, a good time is usually never far away. From the union of euphoria-inducing Afghan and the incredibly popular OG Kush comes the soothing Monster Bud Kush.

It boasts a THC percentage of 17%, which is very respectable for modern cannabis genetics. And, as you get further acquainted with its potency, you'll see what the buzz is all about—pun intended.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effect of Monster Bud Kush: Smooth, Stoned Vibe With a Succulent Taste

Monster Bud Kush brings a recognisable pungent scent. As for the flavour, you'll notice its distinct earthy taste within the first few tokes. And once it hits you, you'll feel a palpable relaxation sensation slowly envelope your body. Monster Bud Kush is a good choice for people who want a 'chill' strain.

If you're interested in its therapeutic benefits, Monster Bud Kush is thought to stimulate appetite and provide relief for sleeplessness and tension.

Growing Monster Bud Kush: High-Yielding and Resilient

Expect an uncomplicated experience when growing Monster Bud Kush. The strain tolerates rookie mishaps well. And, as long as you provide it with ample TLC, it will reward you with decent yields in 7-8 weeks. It won't be long before you're enjoying your handy work, whether solo or amidst good company.

If you're cultivating inside a grow room, you'll see yields of up to 400gr/m², although expect it to take up a good amount of space. If you opt for an outdoor grow, you can expect medium yields.

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