Membrana Hiper Autoflowering

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Membrana Hiper Auto (VIP Seeds)
Membrana Hiper Auto (VIP Seeds)
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Membrana Hiper Auto (VIP Seeds)
Indica/sativa autoflowering
Membrana Hiper
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Membrana Hiper Auto: Ready for harvest in about 90 days

Membrana Hiper Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain that consists of ruderalis, indica, and sativa genetics. The genetics of the strain come from parent strain Membrana Hiper. This strain originates from the Russian city of St. Petersburg where the genetics were thoroughly tried and tested. During the months of June and July the sun does not set over this region of the world, so breeders decided to experiment with this strain under these conditions, and it performed extremely well. Thriving under continuous light and moderate to low temperatures is a testament to the durability of this strain.

When smoking up a large joint or vape loaded with the flowers of Membrana Hiper Auto, smokers will be rewarded with tastes of citrus fruit that will light up the taste buds due to the terpene content responsible for such an experience. The smell of these flowers are also hard to ignore, they feature scents of orange and earthiness.

The sativa elements of the strain are responsible for a high that targets the head. These elements of the high generated by Membrana Hiper Auto features powerful uplifting and aphrodisiac effects, and is reported to border on the psychedelic. These traits make the strain a good smoke when looking for a thought provoking high that is strong and mind blowing. The slight indica effects of the high act to target the body and can bring about feeling of enhanced appetite and the munchies.

As an autoflowering variety of cannabis Membrana Hiper Auto is easy to grow and is therefore a good choice for beginner growers looking for an easy first project. The autoflowering genetics simply mean that plants don’t need a change in light cycle in order to reach the flowering phase of the grow cycle. Plants can be grown well both indoors and outdoors, and explode from seed to harvest in as little as 90 days. Plants will peak at sizes of around 160cm, meaning they remain at a manageable size and are ideal for situations of limited space. If growing indoors within grow rooms or tents then expect yields of around 650g/m². Outdoor plants can reach impressive yields of 500g/plant.

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Grow difficulty
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From seed to harvest
12-13 weeks
Yield (indoor)
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