La Diva

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La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
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La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
La Diva (Delicious Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
Smell & flavour
Indoors, outdoors or greenhouse

La Diva: Fruity, Peppery and Mentally Stimulating

Modest yields aren’t always bad, especially if the strains make up for them elsewhere. In the case of La Diva, she not only flowers in a short amount of time, but she is also very delectable and inebriating in the best possible way. A product of the union between the soothing Blueberry and the stimulating Il Diavolo, La Diva gives off a cerebral high that lingers for a while. Her THC levels register at a maximum of 20%, high enough to intoxicate without overwhelming.

Aromas, Flavours, and Effects of La Diva: Sweet, Peppery, and Stimulating

Fruity aromas are always inviting, and it is what La Diva brings to the table. That delicate scent, along with her sweet and peppery hints, makes her an automatic favourite among cannabis lovers. If flavours are a big deal for you, this one should come out on top. The flavour and cerebral stimulation tie La Diva to Il Diavolo genes, which are very noticeable upon those initial hits. A few puffs should get those juices flowing if you need a nice pick-me-up during a creative block. She is also the perfect supplement for days when you need some introspection or deep meditation.

Growing La Diva: Modest Yields But Very Beginner-Friendly

First-time growers looking for a low-maintenance strain would be satisfied with La Diva. For one, she is very resistant to moulds and thrives well in indoor and outdoor growing environments. She is also a fast strain, given her autoflowering nature. In just seven short weeks from seed, you’ll marvel at her dense buds covered in shiny white crystal trichomes. Growing La Diva indoors will give you yields of up to 450g/m². Outdoor grow-ops will return 80g/plant. She will grow long lateral branches, so make sure to give your plants adequate space.

Grow your own La Diva

Grow difficulty
Flowering type
From seed to harvest
7-8 weeks
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
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