Cherry Moon Pie

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Cherry Moon Pie (Big Buddha Seeds)
Cherry Moon Pie (Big Buddha Seeds)
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Cherry Moon Pie (Big Buddha Seeds)
Indica (90-100%)
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Cherry Moon Pie: A Creative and Social Indica

Cherry Moon Pie is a unique cannabis strain bred by crossing the original Cherry Pie and Bubba Kush. It's roughly 95% indica-dominant, with a rather short flowering time and versatile nature that’s very well suited to indoor growing. While its effects are relaxing, they also provide a notable mental euphoria to balance out the strong physical influences. Thanks to the solid resin production, Cherry Moon Pie is especially popular among growers looking to make their own concentrates.

The solid genetics make Cherry Moon Pie a very consistent strain that is easy to grow and fairly resistant to pests and pathogens. It responds well to a variety of training styles, and is capable of producing high yields.

Aromas, Flavours and Effects of Cherry Moon Pie: A Cherry Treat

Cherry Moon Pie has a very strong and complex aroma. The first thing you'll notice is its bold sweet and sour cherry scent, intertwined with underlying notes of Skunk. Its flavour is very sweet and cheesy, with lingering notes of sour cherries and other stone fruit varieties. Finally, once you light your joint up, Cherry Moon Pie’s strong effects will relax your body and simultaneously activate your mind. The high this variety produces is best described as social and happy, making for a great smoke on nights out, though its cerebral energy may also get your creative juices flowing.

Growing Cherry Moon Pie: Bushy Plants and Big Yields

Thanks to its vigour, stable genetics, and resilience to most standard cannabis pests, Cherry Moon Pie is quite straightforward to cultivate. Given its strong indica dominance, the variety tends to grow into a very bushy plant, so consider pruning or defoliating regularly when growing this variety indoors. The flowering time last roughly 8–9 weeks, after which Cherry Moon Pie will be laden with heavy, dense, and resinous buds. Consider using stakes to support your plants during the final weeks of flowering, as their branches can break under the heavy load of aromatic buds!

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