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Auto Think Different
Auto Think Different
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Auto Think Different
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Auto Think Different: Ideal for Beginners

Auto Think Different

Auto Think Different has been around the block for roughly ten years, and it's still a firm favourite and one of the best-selling autoflowering varieties. What's the key to its success? It has much to do with a solid genetic background, balanced flavours and great productivity. Plus, it's a potent strain with pronounced and long-lasting effects.

Genetic Background of Auto Think Different

Stemming directly from a particular AK-47 hybrid variety, AK-420, Auto Think Different features formidable genetics. AK47 is one of the most famous cannabis strains, with several awards under its belt and lots to give. Its progeny, AK420, was crossed with an unknown ruderalis plant and out came the unique autoflower that is Auto Think Different.

Aromas and Flavours of Auto Think Different

Those who enjoy subtler flavour profiles find Auto Think Different quite appealing. It has a pleasant and balanced terpene blend that offers a fresh and fruity experience. Notes of zingy citrus fruit, refreshing pine and sweetness dance on the tongue when the strain is ingested. A trained palate will also notice mint among the main aromatic ingredients. Although relatively low-key, the fragrance of Auto Think Different is pleasant and a nice change from the intense and pungent aromas of many modern varieties.

Potency and Effects of Auto Think Different

Auto Think Different

Considered medium to high by modern standards, the 15–20% THC content still hits the spot every time. The high produced by Auto Think Different is uplifting and energising, instantly boosting the mood and spreading a happy feeling all over the body. In higher doses, it becomes more stoning, quickly sending users to a physically relaxing place.

Recreational Uses

This strain's mood-lifting and sociable effects make it a good choice for any cannabis enthusiast. Enjoy these flowers in moderation during the day, and you can go about your day more enthusiastically, ticking tasks off your to-do list. Because of this, it's a perfect plant for social gatherings. Sharing Auto Think Different can get any party started and is sure to facilitate an evening full of fun conversations and laughter.

Medicinal Uses

Those who seek soothing sensations from cannabis can use Auto Think Different in a similar fashion to recreational users. The uplifting effects of this strain can help chase the worries away after a long, stressful day. Take a few more tokes, and you can also feel the more soothing and relaxing effects.

Side Effects

Users should be careful regarding how much Auto Think Different they consume, as she tends to produce stoning effects in high doses. This means that if you want to remain productive, you need to exercise moderation. Overindulge and you might become glued to your sofa or even be tempted to nap, which may not be desirable.

Growing Auto Think Different

Auto Think Different

Auto Think Different is a versatile and adaptable strain that can grow in any setup or environment. It's suitable for indoor, outdoor or greenhouse cultivation as well as different mediums and climates. However, growers report the best outcomes from hydroponic systems and strong LED grow lights.

Plants are vigorous, and they develop plenty of long branches and thick flowers. In fact, this variety is one of the most productive autoflowers out there. All these traits make Auto Think Different a superb variety for any grower, particularly those just starting their cannabis-growing adventure. Looking after these plants is easy, and even if they are left to their own devices, they can provide good yields. Harvest time is around 10–11 weeks.

Indoor Growing Tips

When cultivating in controlled environments, it's recommended you allow each plant an airpot measuring 20–25l as well as organic nutrients. Auto Think Different loves strong lights, so good LED lamps and a 20/4 light cycle will work well.

Plants can reach up to 100cm, and their numerous branches make this variety the perfect Screen of Green (ScrOG) candidate. Auto Think Different will fill up a screen beautifully, and this technique is known to increase yields. In optimal conditions, she can pump out up to 500g/m².

Outdoor Growing Tips

Outdoors, growers need to remember the plants' love of the sun and place them in the sunniest spot in their garden. As Auto Think Different responds well to training, its breeders recommend topping, fimming and super cropping, which can all increase productivity. If treated with care, this variety can bring about 100g/plant. However, experienced growers who meet their plants' needs can harvest several hundred grams from each plant.

Auto Think Different: A Productive Autoflower

Auto Think Different

The long list of desirable features makes Auto Think Different an ideal strain for growers of any experience level. Complete beginners will find a vigorous, forgiving plant that produces good results, which makes this variety the ideal choice for a first grow. On the other hand, those with experience can make the most of their plants' potential and achieve high returns.

Tokers also enjoy Auto Think Different; its low-key aromas and flavours appeal to anyone and make the smoking experience very pleasant. Coupled with a good dose of THC and uplifting effects, there's plenty to enjoy.

Auto Think Different Cannabis Strain FAQ

Q: What is Auto Think Different?
A: Auto Think Different is an autoflowering cannabis hybrid carrying AK-420 genetics.

Q: What are the aromas of Auto Think Different?
A: Auto Think Different gives off a subtle fragrance that is described as fresh, fruity and sweet.

Q: What are the effects produced by Auto Think Different?
A: This variety is known to provide mood-enhancing, happy effects, which will suit recreational and medicinal cannabis users.

Q: How can Auto Think Different be grown?
A: Auto Think Different is very versatile and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses. Regardless of the setup, it's best to employ training techniques such as ScrOG to maximise returns.

Grow your own Auto Think Different

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