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Auto Think Big
Auto Think Big
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Auto Think Big
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Auto Think Big: Huge Yields And A Gentle High

Auto Think Big

Auto Think Big produces some of the biggest yields of any autoflowering variety. On top of that, this strain serves up an easy-going high ideal for daytime use. Discover where this strain comes from, what kind of high she offers, and how to grow her.

Genetic Background of Auto Think Big

So, where exactly does Auto Think Big come from? Well, it's a tale that involves multiple phenotypes of the same autoflowering strain. While not the most traditional method for breeding cannabis, it gave rise to this fresh and fruity autoflowering cultivar.

XXL Auto Think Different

Breeders at Dutch Passion Seed Company created Auto Think Big by starting off with XXL Auto Think Different genetics. This famous autoflowering strain gained a stellar reputation for her large yields, swift growing times, and fruity aromas. She inherited a large portion of these attractive traits from her parent AK420, a particular AK47 hybrid.

However, Auto Think Different differs from many cultivars available in that she doesn't derive from two distinct parent strains. Rather, breeders created her by hunting down two different XXL Auto phenotypes during a selection process involving several hundred specimens. They focused on those with the most desirable traits, crossed them, stabilised them, and brought Auto Think Big to market.

Aroma and Flavour of Auto Think Big

Auto Think Big

Auto Think Big inherited a range of aromatic compounds from the various members of her genetic lineage. While genetics play an important role here, environmental variables can also help to accentuate different notes within her flavour and aroma profile. When hitting a bong, blunt, or vape packed with these flowers, you'll chiefly encounter powerful waves of lemon, fruit, flowers, and sweetness.

Several phenotypes also offer unmistakable notes of pine, cream, and frankincense. Primarily, it's her terpenes that are responsible for this complex mix of tastes and scents, including myrcene, limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene. Volatile sulphur compounds, or VSCs, also contribute slightly skunky and even garlicky notes into the mix and are especially apparent during the later end of the flowering stage.

Potency and Effects of Auto Think Big

Auto Think Big definitely smells and tastes great to most people who give her a whirl. But what kind of high can you expect to encounter? Discover both her recreational and medicinal uses below.

Recreational Uses

Regarding autoflowering genetics, Auto Think Big occupies the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to potency. Her THC content of 14% pales compared to many modern hybrids. However, not every cannabis user wants to overwhelm themselves whenever they light up a joint. If you'd rather feel elevated and motivated without feeling lethargic and incapable, then you'll get along well with Auto Think Big.

Her soft, gentle, and cerebral high enhances the senses and lights up the mind without flooring users every time they take a toke. Naturally, this high makes her a good choice during the mornings and daytime.

Medical Uses

Auto Think Big lacks the massive THC content many medical cannabis users rely on. However, not every person requires high-THC cultivars to manage their individual symptoms. While this strain might not help relieve physical discomfort in the same way as other stronger cultivars, she shines regarding mental maladies. The moderate levels of THC within Auto Think Big flowers and the abundance of energising terpenes make the strain a promising candidate for elevating mood and pinching stress in the bud.

Side Effects

The side effects of cannabis are sometimes unpredictable. However, some of the most common include increased appetite, a cottonmouth, and red eyes. Slightly less common but more distressing side effects include anxiety, paranoia, and panic.

As the principal psychoactive constituents of cannabis, THC underpins most of the psychological side effects of the plant. Still, because THC levels in Auto Think Big buds are so low, users are unlikely to feel overwhelmed and panic.

Growing Auto Think Big

Auto Think Big

Check out how Auto Think Big performs in the grow room and garden and discover several tips to make the most of every grow.

Indoor Growing Tips

What Auto Think Big lacks in potency, she certainly makes up for in productivity. She ranks as one of the most productive autoflowering strains available, even when grown indoors in a small space. In this setting, plants grow to only 50–75cm, making them easy to manage. However, even at this size, they can produce up to a monstrous 750g/m². Still, growers must give their all to produce such a bounty, as Auto Think Big's canopy can only produce so many colas.

To get the best results possible, you'll want to inoculate your soil with mycorrhizal fungi. These microbes fuse to plant roots and supply them with phosphorus—a key mineral for flower formation. Next, you'll want to ensure you're hitting your plant with an appropriate level of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) throughout the growing cycle. You can achieve this by investing in a strong grow light. Finally, organic inputs high in phosphorus can help to drive flower development during blooming. Cheap and effective options include the fermented fruit juice (FFJ) technique found in Korean Natural Farming.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Auto Think Big also performs great outdoors. Her rapid growing time is suitable for regions with very short growing seasons, and her small size allows for relative stealth during the cultivation process. In this environment, she'll peak at a height of 100cm and produce a heavy yield in around 13–14 weeks from the time shoots emerge from the soil. Place plants in the sunniest spots and amend your beds with clay and organic matter to optimise nutrient holding. Plants in hot regions will benefit from a thick layer of mulch and drip irrigation to prevent drought stress.

Auto Think Big Cannabis Strain: Big Yields and an Easy-Going High

Auto Think Big

Auto Think Big offers a gentle and motivating high that serves as a perfect entry for beginners. Low to moderate levels of THC mean she exerts a clear-headed experience with minimal risks of adverse psychological side effects. Her complex terpene profile means every hit offers diverse tastes of pine, cream, fruit, and citrus. While not the strongest auto, this strain provides massive yields that outperform those of many photoperiod varieties.

Auto Think Big Cannabis Strain FAQ

Q: What is Auto Think Big?
A: Auto Think Big is the progeny of two Auto Think Different phenotypes, crossed and stabilised to create a reliable autoflower.

Q: What are the effects of Auto Think Big?
A: Thanks to relatively low levels of THC, Auto Think Big serves up a gentle and easy-going high ideal for daytime use.

Q: What are the flavours of Auto Think Big?
A: This strain produces a complex flavour profile featuring notes of citrus, pine, cream, and sweetness. Its flavour is primarily due to the strain's abundant terpenes, myrcene, limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene.

Q: How do I grow Auto Think Big?
A: Auto Think Big grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Plants require high levels of phosphorus to reach their yield potential. Still, her adaptability to small grow spaces suits beginners looking for large returns.

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