Multivitamin with CBD: A Balanced Supplement To Meet Your CBD Needs

Vitamins are a crucial part of life. We need them to keep our bodies healthy and operating. Unfortunately, our bodies are incapable of producing most vitamins, which is why we have to constantly consume them as part of a balanced diet. Our Cibdol Multivitamin with CBD supports users in meeting their daily vitamin requirements while benefitting from a regular dose of CBD.


A blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural fruit flavours is infused with CBD to act as a full daily replacement dose of regular CBD oil. That means you don't have to take a separate multivitamin and CBD oil; you can take two in one!

As with all our products, the CBD used in our vitamin range is obtained from organic EU hemp and extracted using clean, cutting-edge proprietary processes. You won't find anything in your supplement that you shouldn't, meaning no GMOs or unwanted chemicals. Just a pure, clean experience.


What makes our Multivitamin with CBD especially unique is the inclusion of liposomes. These lipid-based vesicles encase active ingredients like CBD, allowing the cannabinoid to successfully reach target cells with a greater bioavailability (efficiency and effectiveness) than regular CBD.

The end result of our production process is a multivitamin that goes above and beyond in its ability to support and enhance daily life, while always meeting your CBD needs.


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