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Black Roses
Black Roses
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Black Roses
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Black Roses: The Dark Beauty of Cannabis

Black Roses

Though you may not be immediately familiar with Black Roses, this rare indica-dominant strain is appreciated by select growers for its profoundly relaxing high and floral aroma. Whether you’re seeking a strain to accompany your bedtime ritual or simply want to try out a lesser-known but highly appreciated strain, give Black Roses your attention.

Genetic Background of Black Roses: Elite Parentage

Created by the team at Red Dirt Ridge Genetics, Black Roses is a cross between Grand Reserve Headband and Early Girl. Grand Reserve Headband is an indica-dominant hybrid that's known for its relaxing and calming effects, while Early Girl is a pure indica that's popular for its high yields and resilience.

Aroma and Flavour of Black Roses: Moody Romance

Black Roses’ complex aroma and flavour play a central role in her popularity among cannabis users. Exhibiting a combination of sweet, floral, and earthy notes, the strain gets its name partly from the dark, rosy flavours that are present in every puff. However, it's not just the taste that sets Black Roses apart, but also the mood it evokes. This strain is known for its moody and mysterious aroma, which can transport the user to another world.

Black Roses’ terpene profile is led by:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene

Potency and Effects of Black Roses: Intense Physical High

Black Roses

Black Roses has a high THC content, usually ranging from 18–20%, and delivers a genuinely soothing high that caters predominantly to the body—but it doesn’t leave the mind untended to.

When smoking Black Roses, expect to feel a sense of deep relaxation and tranquillity. You may feel like doing nothing more than chilling on the sofa and watching a film—alone or with friends. Black Roses is not a strain for the daytime or parties, as it can be quite potent and may leave you feeling sleepy and sedated.

Recreational Uses

Black Roses is perfect for achieving a relaxing and soothing cannabis experience. This strain is so incredibly calming that calling it a mere "calming" experience is a major understatement—it will knock you out! As such, Black Roses is best enjoyed in a solo setting or during a lazy evening spent with close friends.

It is not a particularly sociable strain, nor will you feel particularly inclined to engage in any sort of intense physical or mental activity after consuming it. That being said, the powerful effects of this strain make it an excellent choice for those looking to unwind after a long day.

Side Effects

Commonly reported side effects from Black Roses include dry mouth and dry eyes. In some cases, users have reported dizziness, anxiety, or paranoia.

Growing Black Roses: Fast to Finish

Black Roses

While not much is known about growing this strain, some sources claim that Black Roses is not particularly high-yielding. That said, it races through the flowering stage in a mere 49–56 days. The plants are also thought to flourish in warm and moderately humid climates, and will reach quite compact heights, even for an indica. It is also known that Black Roses delivers dark and fluffy buds—another inspiration for her romantic moniker, and a reason why she can handle some humidity.

Should You Try Black Roses?

Black Roses is a knockout cultivar in many ways, especially when it comes to her effects. Seasoned smokers and lovers of heavy physical highs will get on well with this one, as will growers seeking a short life cycle and uniquely beautiful buds.

For Growers

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is a significant lack of information available on how to grow this mysterious strain. While this may be daunting to beginners, it presents an exciting challenge for experienced growers. With some creativity and experimentation, there is a good chance that growers of all levels can successfully cultivate this unique strain.

For Recreational Users

Black Roses is sure to please rec users looking for a potent, classic indica high. Its relaxing effects can help to ease both the mind and body, making it a viable option to smoke after work to help release any tension from the day. Though it’s obviously not well-suited for morning or early afternoon use—unless you want to spend the day in a heavy, albeit pleasant, daze—you’d be hard-pressed to find a better night-time companion.

For Medical Users

The massively relaxing effect produced by Black Roses has made it a sought-after specimen among medical cannabis users with a penchant for high-quality flavours and potent effects. As the high primarily centres on the body, it’s perhaps best used to ease physical symptoms. That said, everyone reacts differently to cannabis, and thus the strain may also be useful for those looking to address mood-related issues.

Black Roses: A Dark Rarity

Black Roses

Whether you’re trying to unwind, address pain, or simply explore the ever-expanding world of weed, Black Roses is definitely worth checking out. From its seductive aroma to its deeply relaxing high, this strain is a true gem. Why not give it a try—you might just find a new favourite that you'll love for years to come!

Black Roses Weed Strain: FAQ

Q: What is Black Roses?
A: Black Roses is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its powerful physical high and dynamic flavour profile. It was created by crossing the already-respected Grand Reserve Headband with Early Girl.

Q: What are the effects of Black Roses?
A: Black Roses exhibits primarily physical effects that are relaxing and soothing. As such, it’s a viable choice for those looking to address pain, insomnia, or stress.

Q: What is the THC content of Black Roses?
A: Black Roses typically clocks in at around 20% THC.

Q: How do you grow Black Roses?
A: At this time, there is no conclusive growing information available for Black Roses.

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Lineage of Black Roses

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Black Roses genetics are present in the following strains:

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