Rapper 2 Chainz getting paid to get high with GQ

Some people are just luckier then other people. Life isn’t always fair. But hey, that’s life right?

I am talking about people like Snoop Dogg or Action Bronson for instance. While some of us are scrubbing each day to get our daily medicine, some of these guys basically get paid to smoke weed.

This doesn’t mean that its not entertaining to watch somebody smoking whatever from a table filled with more than $500.000 worth of cannabis, extracts, bongs and other nice stuff.

Rapper 2 Chainz hooked up with the guys from GQ Magazine to do exactly that. They invited him to try out some of the best product around and get baked on their expenses. And OMG it looks amazing to be 2 Chainz for a day. At least for this specific day.

If you are not the jealous type, we advice you to have a look at this delicious video of 2 Chainz getting high on marijuana and luxury.

Damn, I should have become a famous rapper…