Results of the Highlife Cup 2016

Results of the Highlife Cup 2016
Max Sargent

Check out the winners of the Highlife Cup 2016 at CannaConnection!

It has been an impressive Highlife Cup once again! Thanks to all breeders and growers who did their best to send in their greatest product. And what a ride it has been...

Congratulations to all winners!

Here are the results:

Category A, Hydro

  • Jack Herer -  t Bunkertje, Apeldoorn
  • Green Mango – Sumo Seeds
  • Bubbles – Magic, The Hague

Category B, Bio (Organic)

Category C, Autoflowering varieties

Category E, Kush

Category F Traditional Hash

  • Tangerine G13 block – Boerejongens Centrum, Amsterdam
  • Kosher Tangie block – Boerejongens West, Amsterdam
  • Regine’s Primera – Regine, Haarlem

Category G Haze Hydro

Category H Haze Bio

  • Super Amnesia Haze – Magic, The Hague
  • AMG – Kosbor, Maastricht
  • Amnesia Mac Ganja Bio – Kera Seeds

Highlife Cup Overall Winner 2016

Super Amnesia Haze – Coffeeshop Magic, The Hague

Max Sargent
Max Sargent

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