Growing cannabis and the use of silicon

Growing cannabis and the use of silicon
Steven Voser

Silicon is one of the best supplement nutrients you can use to ensure your cannabis crop is the healthiest it can be as well as the largest.

While cannabis is a fairly easy plant to cultivate, expert growers sometimes use supplements. These are additives that improve the overall environment of the plant or the plant itself.

Silicon is one of those supplements. It is a very common mineral found in over 90% of the elements above the earth’s crust. It is also the second most common element on earth. It is useful to plants when it is extracted to form monosilicic acid. These are then absorbed by the plant and transported throughout its structure. In fact, Silicon is one of the most important building blocks for the healthy growth of your plant.


When you use silicon to nourish your crop, your cannabis plant gets a big boost where it needs it in a couple of important ways.

Silicon promotes faster growth - Silicon helps improve cell development of the plant by speeding up production of cell walls. When the plant has access to all it needs, the process goes at the maximum speed. The end result? Faster plant growth.

Silicon leads to higher yields – The stronger the plant, the higher amount of cannabis it produces. The darker leaves that silicon creates also help the process of photosynthesis – the engine of all plant growth.


However, silicon doesn't just help plants grow faster. It helps them grow better. When you use silicon as a nutrient, your other efforts to improve your crop are also magnified.


Nutrient Absorption is improved – Silicon increases the amount of available nitrogen. Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for plants in general. In the vegetation stage, it is also critical. In addition, silicon is thought to balance the uptake of other nutrients including Zinc.

Silicon protects against metal toxicities – Silicon can help protect plants from other metals such as Aluminium, Manganese and Iron. If the concentration of these elements is too high, the toxicity can stress the plant. This results in lower yields and overall quality. Silicon actually “competes” against these metals and prevents them from becoming too abundant.

Silicon creates stronger plants – Increasing the amount of silicon in your cannabis plant will make its basic cellular structure stronger. As a result, your plant will have thicker stems and branches. It will also have darker green leaves. Together with good air circulation, this is the key to healthy plant cultivation.


The benefits of using Silicon are not only to the growth of the plant itself. Silicon also reduces threats of pests and disease. It is also a great antifungal. This means it will protect the plant against mildew. It also toughens up the outer skin of the plant. Insects and pathogens have to be extra aggressive to penetrate it.

The ultimate upside? Silicon is an easy to use, cheap additive to your cannabis grow. Silicon-based plant supplements are easy to find in any grow shop or online. They can also be easily integrated into an existing feeding schedule.


Sadly, the one place silicon cannot be used to grow cannabis is when it is grown hydroponically. That is the reason that hydro-grown plants are a little weaker. The reason? In order for Silicon to stay soluble, it requires a pH higher than 7. As a result, it cannot be included in a normal hydroponic feed. It would interact negatively with the other elements and lead to nutrient deficiencies. The only kind of silicon you find in such feeds are an additive called Potassium Silicate.

Steven Voser
Steven Voser

Steven is a long-time veteran of cannabis journalism, having delved into every aspect of the subject. His particular interests lie in cannabis culture, the emerging science of cannabis, and how it is shaping the legal landscape across the globe.