Runtz auto: autoflowering version of a classic hybrid strain

Runtz auto: autoflowering version of a classic hybrid strain

For a while, Runtz was reserved for only the most avid cannabis connoisseurs, as it's quite rare and has a lot of attractive qualities. Now, thanks to Runtz Auto, you don't have to look that hard, or wait too long, to enjoy some quality Runtz nugs. Learn how this variety came to be, and see what you can expect when you smoke it!

Early in 2020, the good people at Zamnesia came through with Runtz, a gorgeous and potent combo of Zkittlez and Gelato. The former is a delicious indica-dominant knockout, while the latter is a powerful hybrid that’s sweet to the taste.

Now, growers have combined those two powerhouses with an unnamed ruderalis strain to bring about one of the strongest and most reliable autoflowering strains out there: Runtz Auto.


Runtz auto: autoflowering version of a classic hybrid strain

Now, those familiar with the original Runtz might be worried that an autoflowering version would pale in comparison to the photoperiod variety.

Sure, Runtz Auto naturally doesn’t end up as tall, or offer as many buds as the original, but the inclusion of ruderalis will do that to any strain. That being said, stoners will be thankful for the fact that, for the most part, Runtz Auto only harnesses the best aspects of ruderalis genetics.

By that, we mean you barely lose out on potency (which we’ll explain more later), and you can still end up with a significant amount of bud (which we’ll also detail later on), all while not having to worry about the light adjustments and lengthier growing time you’d otherwise be concerned with.


Runtz auto: autoflowering version of a classic hybrid strain

Going along with that train of thought, growing Runtz Auto will be one of the easiest times you have cultivating a strain this potent. Rather than the extensive training you might have to implement with the photoperiod original, you’ll only have to do some light pruning at most to get this autoflower in ideal shape.

It’s also worth noting: while many autoflowering strains end up especially short, Runtz Auto maintains a relatively impressive height thanks to the powerful genetics of Zkittlez and Gelato #33. To be specific, you can expect a Runtz Auto plant to reach around 1 metre (around 3ft) tall.

Give Runtz Auto 18–20 hours of light per day, maintain it with moderate amounts of nutrients and water, and you can expect it to be ready for harvest around 9–10 weeks after putting the seed in the ground. By then, it’ll offer you around 100–150g/plant if you’re outdoors, which is around a quarter of the amount you’d get from the photoperiod Runtz. If you’re indoors, however, you can put many Runtz Auto plants next to each other and obtain up to 500g/m², which is the same amount you’d get if growing classic Runtz.


Runtz auto: autoflowering version of a classic hybrid strain

Once you pick your buds off the plant, you’ll see just how close Runtz Auto really is to the classic. To start, you’ll enjoy the same vibrantly sweet tropical flavours you got to know and love with the original. The aroma wafting through the air will have you entranced too, as the sugary and creamy undertones invoke mental images of a candy store.

The sweetest part of Runtz Auto, however, is its potency. Sure, classic Runtz nugs clock in at 27% THC, but the fact that Runtz Auto maintains 23% THC with ruderalis genetics in the picture is beyond impressive. With those numbers, it’ll even beat out most photoperiod strains you’ll find on the market today!

Then, as those potent nugs do their work, you’ll enjoy deep relaxation combined with mentally uplifting sensations, but you won’t fall into couch-lock territory. With that in mind, we find this strain is best suited for those who want to take time for themselves and relieve mental tension without getting completely slumped. This strain could also be great for a relaxed kickback, as your friends can all bond in a serene state without being rendered unable to move.