Fake tommy chong and the 8 joint halloween pumpkin

Halloween is here! And if you want to get creative with pumpkins, why not try out this 8-joint shotgun pumpkin? Check out the video!

Halloween is here! Although scaring little children is a big (and fun) part of it, Halloween is not just for kids. If you like to get a bit creative on Halloween, turn Halloween into Halloweed with this crazy creation by the fake Tommy Chong!

We posted a video last year of how you can make a bong out of a pumpkin, but this year we ran across something even easier to make. An 8-joint Halloween pumpkin! 

The idea is simple and all you need is a pumpkin and some joints. Check out the video of Arend Richard dressed up as Tommy Chong in That 70s Show to see how to make a multi-joint shotgun pumpkin.