What does it mean when a cannabis strain is 'clone only'?

What does it mean when a cannabis strain is 'clone only'?
Steven Voser

Most strains can be grown from seeds, but some strains are "clone only". Read on to find out what that means exactly.

Hi there,

I'm looking for some nice strains to grow in new grow tent. I found a strain online that I desperately want to try, but it says 'clone only'. I have seen that being mentioned somewhere else before, but I never quite got that one... What does it mean when a strain is 'clone only'?


Hi Don,

It simply means that this specific plant under the name you know circulates only in form of a living plant, which due to its strong favorable characteristics have been selected for further commercial production.

Even you if you managed to find more seeds of the same crossing, chances you will find genetically the same plant as your desired "clone-only", are close to none, simply because plants are individual just like people.

Clone-only strains are known for their unique characteristics and qualities. They have usually been preselected for their traits, however many popular clone only plants came from so called "bag seeds" which are the result of accidental, uncontrolled pollination.

Usually they would use cuttings with outstanding flavor pallete, smell, potency, resin content, in some cases they will also provide extraordinary yields and other traits.


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Steven Voser

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