How to save your weed when it gets wet

How to save your weed when it gets wet

It happens to the best of us; wet weed. Maybe you were surprised by heavy rain, or your weed got damp for some other reason? Don't worry, you can still save your weed!

Did you get soaked in the rain and your weed got wet? Don't fear, because although damp weed looks weak and can lose its potency and smoothness, you're not doomed. 

By following a few easy steps to drying your wet cannabis correctly, you can revive its dankness and smokability. The bad news is that you'll have to be a bit patient as you can't smoke it for two to three days.


First thing's first. Spotting wet weed may seem simple enough, but can still be confused for sticky bud. If your ganja sticks to your fingers when you give it a press but doesn't squish, then that's a good sign that your dealer has given you some strong buds. If it does squish, though, then your weed clearly got wet and you should start drying.

Lucky for you, you can still smoke your weed after it got wet, but you're just going to have to put it a little work. Here are the two best techniques for drying wet weed.



For the paper way of drying wet weed, you'll, of course, need a paper towel or toilet paper and preferably, a fan or dehumidifier, but if you don't have either, no biggie.

First, wrap your weed inside the paper. Then, move it to a dark, dry location with decent airflow — especially if you don't have a fan or dehumidifier. If you do, set it up and get a moderate amount of air flowing.

Every few hours, you'll want to bring the paper out replace it. Also, you'll want to inspect your stash for mold, because once it's moldy, it's as useful as trash, meaning it's officially gone to waste.



For the rice method, you'll need rice and a mason jar. To get started, drop your wet weed into the container and fill it with rice. Then, for a full day (yes, an entire day), allow it to sit uncovered. You'll want to set your wet weed in a space with good airflow, just like with the paper technique. When a new day arrives, take out your supply and glance it over to ensure there's no mold because again, mildew and fungi is a deal breaker.

If the flower is only relatively dry, you're then going to break up the buds and use the paper technique for just a couple of hours to eliminate any excess moisture. But if it's thoroughly dry, then you're all good to go.


Just a reminder, if your damp weed contains even a bit of mold, then the damage has already been done, and you'll be wasting time proceeding with either drying technique. Also, don't attempt to rely on quick sources of heat like a blowdryer or your car's heat to dry your ganja. In addition to tarnishing its quality, methods like these kill its potential to deliver a smooth and sweet hit.

Finally, avoid light at all costs. Even the stickiest weed nugs need to be appropriately stored in a cool, dark place. It's especially important to keep wet weed away from sunlight, as, in like manner of quick heat sources, light can and will ruin what life is left in your favorite herb.

Oh, and if your weed is wet due to being dumped in any body of water where there's chemicals or salt, such as a pool or the ocean, toss it immediately. There's no saving that.