How to start growing from seeds - step-by-step video

Max Sargent

When you have decided to start growing your own cannabis using seeds, how to go about it? Check out this step-by-step video by John Berfelo!

There are many, many different ways to go about growing cannabis, but for many beginning grower, or you people who are still considering growing your own weed, the most difficult thing is getting started. Should you start your little garden from seed? Or maybe it's better to start with clones? 

Each experienced grower will have his or her own opinion, but growing cannabis plants from seed does have some clear advantages. One of the most important advantage would probably be that there are thousands of different cannabis strains around, and obtaining seeds of a specific strain is probably easier than finding clones.

By choosing to grow from seeds, you’re able to peruse all the cannabis strains available and pick one that perfectly matches your skills as a grower and of course the future consumer.

To see how things can be pretty easy when starting from seed, have a look at the video above by John Berfelo who is more than happy to (very enthusiastically!) show you step-by-step how this can be done.

Max Sargent
Max Sargent

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