Happy Mother's Day to all the mums!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums!

Our mothers are usually there for us through thick and thin, each being exceptional in their own unique way. An entire day had to be set aside to celebrate our mothers. We all owe a unique debt to our mums. We lived in them for nine months. They were the crucible for each of our amazing lives. They are loved and revered, but sometimes they drive you crazy.

Mums of all sorts should get a shout-out on this special day. Half of the genes in the world belong to mothers. They are half of every great racehorse, half of every world-changing genius, and half of the humble marijuana plant.

Well-maintained marijuana mother plants can produce volumes of clones over an extended period of time. Healthy mother plants mean rapidly sprouting and growing clones, and an excellent turnover. Treat your mothers well, so that they give you generation after generation of thriving weed and heavy nugs.

Our shout out to all mums and mother plants: Respect & Love you!

Marijuana flower bouquet