3 good reasons to use a crutch in your joint

3 good reasons to use a crutch in your joint
Steven Voser

For some people rolling a joint can be a form of art. But any joint will be better with a crutch. To get the most out of your joint, find out why.

Many people take their joint rolling very seriously. While it is simply a means of preparing cannabis to be consumed, to some, it is considered an art form in and of itself.

Constructing your own joint crutch, also called a filter or a tip, is all about preference and creativity. There are a number of different methods and shapes to choose from, such as the normal tip, a heart, a star, or even a cannabis leaf.

You can find many online video tutorials that teach how to roll the perfect joint. After all, a joint or blunt rolled with half the effort can turn out to be a momentum killer when you puff and pass, as it can either be too tight and more difficult to inhale, or too loose so that the burn dies mid-smoke.

But one way to make your smoking experience a lot better is to use a filter. It not only is the more hygienic option by keeping that unwanted ash out of your lips and mouth, it also helps the joint burn more efficiently. But there are other advantages to using a crutch in your joint. Here are some of the most important ones.


While it can be as natural as breathing for some, for most people, rolling a joint is not as easy as a snapping one’s fingers. It can take some time, patience, and trial and error before you roll a joint that you and a group of friends can enjoy.

But the use of a crutch can make the process easier, as the hard and thick piece of cardboard can help give the joint structure and keep its contents in place.


Having a crutch in place also allows you to smoke your joint all the way to the very tip. This little piece can act as a stopper, giving you the signal that the joint has been consumed to its end. Gone are the days of burning the tips of your fingers and lips, and you can be assured that no gram of herb will go to waste.


Apart from aesthetic and smokability, a crutch in your joint can help improve the airflow. Essentially, it burns better and improves the smoke flow, which in turn gives you a more enjoyable smoking experience overall. Not to mention, it gets you higher.

Crutches or filter tips exist for a good reason, and for avid cannabis smokers, this should be taken into consideration. Using crutches as part of your everyday smoking ritual not only helps you make the most out of your herbs, it enhances the entire process of preparing and enjoying your cannabis.

Steven Voser
Steven Voser

Steven is a long-time veteran of cannabis journalism, having delved into every aspect of the subject. His particular interests lie in cannabis culture, the emerging science of cannabis, and how it is shaping the legal landscape across the globe.