Legal status of marijuana in the state of virginia

Legal status of marijuana in the state of virginia

Find out about the legal status of medical and recreational marijuana in the state of Virginia. Is marijuana illegal? Better safe than sorry!


The production, sale and possession of any form of medicinal marijuana products are illegal in Virginia. However, a bill that was signed in 2015, allows patients to use an affirmative defense in court when prosecuted for possession of CBD oil.

The oil in this case can not have a bigger amount of THC than 5% and should have a CBD percentage of at least 15%. Patients however have no access to this medicine in the state itself and have to purchase it in other states.


The cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis for recreational purposes are illegal in Virginia.

Any amount of cannabis is illegal in Virginia and getting caught for possession is going to get you in trouble in any case.

Getting caught with less than 0,5 oz (14 grams) is seen as a misdemeanor and can land you in jail for up to 30 days and get you a fine of up to $500. If it's your first offense that is. Any subsequent offense is good for up to a year in jail and get you a fine of up to $2,500.

We are not aware of any possible law changes in the (near) future in Virginia regarding medical and/or recreational cannabis.