Legal status of marijuana in italy

Legal status of marijuana in italy
Adam Parsons

Medical reform rolls on as activists try again this year to pass recreational cannabis legislation. Will they succeed this year?

Home of “real” Italian pizza, fabulous vino, and Venetian canals. Italy is the place to be for upscale culture. Right now, it is also a pretty hot place for cannabis reform. Even if this is still a bit of a roller coaster ride.

Things are moving here in 2017. Italy might even become the next federally legal adult use cannabis market in the EU. Then again, it may not.


Medical marijuana itself, as well as pharma products, are legal in Italy. The Italian army began growing the first medical crops in 2016. The program appears to be reliably delivering medical cannabis now.

In addition, there is clearly a budding medical marijuana scene. The first cannabis café for patients opened in Rome last fall.


Even though cannabis is very common in Italy and the country is leaning towards a more tolerant attitude towards cannabis, any possession of cannabis in Italy is technically still illegal. In practice, you could say it is almost decriminalized though.

In 2014 the Parliament adopted a few laws that almost erased penalties for first-time offenders and reduced penalties for repeat offenders. However, it is not exactly determined what is a reasonable amount of cannabis to hold for personal use and therefore you might still get into serious trouble. Basically, it means that if the police want, they can still screw you over.

There are also continued efforts to legalize recreational use. This is coming from several directions. The first is a public health concern. The second is how to cut out the black market. In this case, this is actually the Mafia.

Sadly, for right now, it appears as if reform is stalled at the federal level.

Individuals found with small amounts usually get off with a simple warning. Do not sell here. Those caught selling can face jail time and up to a €75,000 fine.

Drug penalties for cannabis are less harsh than they used to be. There is a distinction made between soft and hard drugs. Nevertheless, do you really want the bother?

Yes. Legislation is again being considered by federal lawmakers to formally legalize adult recreational use. The closest so far this has come to reality was last Christmas. This issue is again in limbo this year.


Get in touch with the Radicali Italiani movement. They are spearheading efforts to push through reform legislation in the Italian Parliament.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons

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