8 almost ridiculously mainstream tv ads for cannabis

8 almost ridiculously mainstream tv ads for cannabis

While cannabis is becoming mainstream, more TV ads are showing up online advertising for cannabis related companies. But do they really have to be that bad?

Cannabis and especially medical marijuana, has taken the slow but steady road to global acceptance and is becoming more and more mainstream. But mainstream advertisement for marijuana products is in general still a difficult subject.

Although in 2017 the first licenses were given to companies to advertise for medical marijuana products in for instance the New York subway, most countries are still hesitant when it comes to advertising for weed related things.

Although there have been some cases of TV ads being pulled of the air, and others being banned from the Super Bowl, you can still find some online and probably it won’t be long before you will see them on your local TV stations as well.

Big Pharma companies somehow always have advertisements with a soothing woman’s voice and some over-the-top happy scenes in slow motion, showing the “normal person” you might relate to, in able to sell you their products. But funny enough it seems that not only this is good material for parodies, real cannabis commercials seem to be no different.

Some of them are almost as ridiculous as the clips that were meant as anti marijuana propaganda we know from the old days.

Check out a few cannabis TV ads we found online. We added a few spoofs so let's see if you can tell which ones are serious or not: