Drug Policy Alliance (DPA)

Drug Policy Alliance (DPA)
Luke Sumpter

The Drug Policy Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an end to the war on drugs in favour of new, progressive policies.

The Drug Policy Alliance is a non-profit organization based in New York City, USA. The Alliance is often cited as one of the US’ leading organizations promoting an end to the War on Drugs and replacing prohibition with policies-based science, compassion, health and human rights.


The Alliance is strongly focused on the decriminalization of responsible drug use and promoting the sovereignty of individuals in choosing what to do with their own minds and bodies. In doing so, the Alliance aims to reduce the harm caused by prohibition (mainly the arrest and marginalisation of drug users) and simultaneously promote new initiatives and sensible policy reforms.

The DPA’s mission is to further drug policy reform, with the vision of creating a world where people are no longer punished for what they do to their own bodies and the prejudices and stigmas towards drugs and drug use no longer exist.


The Alliance is involved in the legislative process at both federal and state levels in the US. It also runs a grants program that provides financial grants to other organizations working towards positive drug policy reform.

The Alliance’s work has been based in the following areas:

  • Marijuana reform
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Harm reduction
  • International policy

The DPA played a key role in the legalization of cannabis in Oregon, Washington DC, and Alaska, providing funding to a variety of campaigns heading the charge against marijuana prohibition in these areas. It was also involved in the cannabis reforms/campaigns in Colorado, Washington, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

On a more global scale, the Alliance has also been involved in cannabis reforms in Uruguay. It is also closely involved with reform in other countries in Latin America. For example, the Alliance provides research and information to support new strategic proposals to drug control to governments in Colombia and Costa Rica, while also contextualising new developments in large media outlets across the continent.

The DPA also has close connections with the Global Commission on Drug Policy, informing the Commission’s reports, spearheading their media outreach campaigns, and much more.

The Drug Policy Alliance also provides a wide variety of information about drugs, drug use, current policies, and viable alternatives. Its publications range from basic facts about specific drugs like cannabis, cocaine, and heroin, as well as statistics on the drug war.

The DPA also provides information about drug laws both in the US and across the world and how these laws may affect individuals. It also places a big focus on human rights and aims to inform individuals about their rights under current legislation.

Finally, the Alliance also provides tools for other activists. This can include its that help activists reach out to Congress, get media coverage, how to meet and influence legislators, and much more.

More info on their website: www.drugpolicy.org

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter

Luke has worked as a cannabis journalist and health science researcher for the past seven years. Over this time, he’s developed an advanced understanding of endocannabinoid system science, cannabis phytochemistry, and cultivation techniques.