Taison Autoflowering

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Taison Auto (VIP Seeds)
Taison Auto (VIP Seeds)
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Taison Auto (VIP Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Taison Auto: Highly-rewarding & super-potent indica autoflower

Taison Auto may be little known beyond the West Coast of the US yet and sure deserves some attention seeing that she brings a wealth of astonishing qualities to the table. This is an autoflowering variety that really delivers the whole package, and she does it very well with her sensational potency, superb yields and the fact that she grows easily everywhere.

Taison Auto isn’t just some average autoflower. Her background comes from the excellent Purple Kush, a strain who by herself is highly popular among medicinal and recreational cannabis users. Taison Auto manages very well to keep the superb qualities of the Purple Kush while combining them with the convenience of autoflowering.

When you smoke Taison Auto, she’ll delight with pretty-much the same great taste of the Purple Kush which is very dank and hazy, leaving no doubt about the high quality of this strain. The powerful indica-dominant hybrid contains a high amount of THC, making her effect extremely relaxing and if you smoke some more outright narcotic.

Taison Auto is excellent for destressing and chilling at the end of the day. With her sheer Indica power she also brings very good medicinal potential to the table which can make her a good choice for pain relief, insomnia and other health conditions.

When you grow her, Taison Auto will pack quite some punch. In only 60-65 days, the plant will grow to a very convenient medium height of 80cm. Yet, because of her sheer amount of beautiful purple buds that are very tightly packed she will reward you with some crazy yields of up to 550g/m² - quite remarkable given her size and that she’s an autoflower!

Outdoors, in good conditions she can yield as much as 600g per plant! Now consider that she has also a natural resistance to fungus and pests and you get a formidable plant that’s especially well-suited for outdoor cultivation, even in a less than optimal climate.

No matter how you look at her, Taison Auto is a wonderful all-rounder autoflower that sure won’t disappoint!

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