Sweet Moby

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Sweet Moby (Zamnesia Seeds)
Sweet Moby (Zamnesia Seeds)
Sweet Moby (Zamnesia Seeds)
Sweet Moby (Zamnesia Seeds)
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Sweet Moby (Zamnesia Seeds)
Sweet Moby (Zamnesia Seeds)
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Sweet Moby: giant plant that delivers huge yields

Sweet Moby is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is the result of parent stains Haze and White Widow. Expectations were of course high for a strain derived from such powerful and genetically potent parents, and Sweet Moby does not disappoint. This particular strain is high in THC and low in CBD, making it a fierce recreational strain that offers an expected sativa buzz.

When wrapping up this strain in a blunt skin, be prepared for a strong head high that will cause a boost in mental activity but will simultaneously sink the body into a calm and couch locked state. Not only does this strain offer an enjoyable high, it tastes great too and offers hints of pine with earthy undertones. Because of the THC heavy nature of this strain it has the potential to be used for certain medical conditions as it works to target stress and anxiety.

Sweet Moby will offer absolutely mammoth yields and will not disappoint those who decide to undergo the task to cultivate this beast. This hybrid is not recommended for novice growers, as its sheer size can start to become unmanageable. Even when cultivated indoors, Sweet Moby will attempt to battle its way out of any grow tent, hitting the immense size of 2 metres.

When left to its own devices in a nutritious patch of soil and under direct sunlight in a good climate, Sweet Moby will sky rocket to sizes of 3 meters, which means immense yields will shortly follow.

This gigantic cannabis strain has a flowering time of up to 10 weeks. When this period of the grow cycle is over, growers will be awarded with huge yields to begin processing, drying and curing. Although the sheer volume might pose a challenge, the high THC content buds will make it worthwhile, offering a 21 percent makeup of the psychoactive cannabinoid.

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