Sweet Mango Autoflowering

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Sweet Mango Autoflowering (Greenhouse Seeds)
Sweet Mango Autoflowering (Greenhouse Seeds)
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Sweet Mango Autoflowering (Greenhouse Seeds)
Indica-dominant (80%) autoflowering
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Sweet Mango Autoflowering: incredible yields, superb taste & high

Sweet Mango Autoflowering is a wonderful Indica-dominant hybrid where it is difficult to say which one of her outstanding qualities would be most impressive. She simply delivers it all, from an excellent exotic fruity aroma to incredible yields and production and a superbly relaxing Indica high.

Sweet Mango Autoflowering, a cross between a Mango and a Big Bang Autoflower will already make jaws drop at harvest time. With yields as much as 700g/m² when grown indoors in good conditions it’s almost hard to believe that such numbers would come from an easy-growing autoflower.

Add the fact that her entire life-cycle from seed to harvest is only a short 9 weeks, and you get an autoflower that breaks all records when it comes to productivity. If you don’t grow her indoors but have a nice space for her outdoors, no problem either because you can grow Sweet Mango Autoflowering pretty much everywhere.

Sweet Mango Autoflowering doesn’t grow very tall but keeps at a manageable height of 70-100cm but makes up for her size with a growth that is nicely branching and yet strong. She’s very well suited if you want to grow her in SoG or SCRoG style so you can max out your yields of her aromatic and extremely resinous, beautiful lime-green buds.

Sweet Mango Autoflowering will tickle your taste buds with an excellent flavour mix of fruity aromas that has a tad of a nicely refreshing sour note on top. But her great aroma when you smoke her isn’t all that she has to offer. Her high is clearly more on the Indica side, extremely relaxing and with some good medicinal potential if you want help treating pains and other health conditions.

Sweet Mango Autoflowering is an excellent autoflower that impresses when you grow her with extraordinary yields and is pure joy when you can finally smoke her. She sure is a evry good choice if you are looking for a great autoflower to grow.

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