Skunk Classic

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Skunk Classic (Flying Dutchman)
Skunk Classic (Flying Dutchman)
Classic Skunk (Zamnesia Seeds)
Classic Skunk (Zamnesia Seeds)
Skunk Classic (Zamnesia Seeds)
Skunk Classic (Zamnesia Seeds)
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Skunk Classic (Flying Dutchman)
Classic Skunk (Zamnesia Seeds)
Skunk Classic (Zamnesia Seeds)
Indica/sativa (50/50)
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Skunk Classic: The Don of the notorious Skunk Family

Skunk Classic is often described as a game-changing cannabis hybrid. Her lineage reads like a hit-list of killer genetics. Afghan, Colombian, Haze and Thai genetics have all been combined and refined to develop Skunk Classic. Genuine Untouchable cannabis credentials. Almost four decades post-inception to cannabis culture and the influence of the Skunk Family has spread globally. The very word “Skunk” became synonymous with high-grade weed throughout Europe during the 1990’s.

While indica influences have come to dominate the majority of contemporary cannabis hybrids, Skunk Classic still swings both ways. No Couchlocking heavy effects, rather a combined head-body high that is happy, giggly and relaxing. Great stash for parties or at the end of a hard day, you decide.

Skunk Classic can’t help but reach for the stars with a tall slender structure. Easily reaching 1.5m in height indoors. Moreover, she is capable of becoming a 2m+ monster outdoors in warmer climates.

Best of all her long running trophy colas only require 7-8 weeks of flowering to reach sticky green maturity. Some might say her scent is the reek of awesome others consider it positively foul. Either way, expect pungent odours during bloom and take appropriate countermeasures.

Perhaps the most versatile Skunk to cultivate. Skunk Classic is an easy cropper for growers of all levels in a variety of substrates. Indoors the SOG method can deliver about 500 g/m². A similar stash can be harvested from outdoor individual trees in southern climates around Croptober. Well worth a run in the grow room whatever your cultivation style.

The Skunk Family stepped on the marijuana scene back in the day and has run the game like the Corleone’s ever since. Skunk Classic is the Godfather. A timeless classic in our opinion.

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