Royal Moby

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Royal Moby (Royal Queen Seeds)
Royal Moby (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Royal Moby (Royal Queen Seeds)
Sativa-dominant (65%)
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Royal Moby: super potent sativa high

Royal Moby is a very interesting strain. She is based on a unique Spanish sativa/indica hybrid that shows almost pure sativa qualities when she grows and which gives a spectacularly powerful sativa effect when smoked. Her spectacular potency and effect, otherwise quite rare for a hybrid, and then her impressive size is what gave Royal Moby her name.

The growers in Spain are very fortunate in that they have the perfect conditions for breeding new and exciting strains. Endless months of sun bring out the best of cannabis, sure one of the reasons why so many fantastic strains are coming from our lucky neighbours in the south of Europe.

One of these outstanding Spanish strains is a sativa/indica hybrid with a sensational high, Moby Dick. Royal Moby has been created with these genetics although with a Dutch twist. Royal Moby will grow big and strong and doesn’t hold back when she grows. She can reach 2 metres if you grow her indoors and may well grow to a small tree of 3m if you let her outdoors, just like a Sativa. In a rather short 9-10 weeks of flowering she will be brimming with a ton of aromatic buds all over.

Royal Moby can be grown indoors or outdoors although she really loves the outdoors and doesn’t mind even a very hot climate. You can expect yields of up to 600g/m² in a typical indoor setting and monster yields of 1000g if you grow her outdoors in ideal conditions. This is a plant that really likes it “big”, so make sure she has space to stretch and know that she can be quite demanding when it comes to nutrients.

Royal Moby, with her desire to grow to a big plant may possibly not the best choice for those growers where space is limited. On the other hand, if you have adequate space or have a nice and sunny spot for her in the outdoors, she will grow eagerly where she'll soon reward you with an abundance of her crazy-potent buds.

Smoking Royal Moby is an incredible experience thanks to her very high THC content and potency. She delivers a mind-blowing psychedelic sativa effect and will have you high as a kite in no time.

Royal Moby is an excellent strain to grow and you should definitely check her out if you love powerful sativas and Hazes!

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9-10 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
End of October
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Yield (outdoor)
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