Royal Critical Autoflowering

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Royal Critical Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
Royal Critical Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Royal Critical Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Royal Critical Autoflowering: Fast autoflowering big-yielding indica classic

For many cannabis lovers, Critical is one of the most popular strains. They love this highly reliable indica because of her sweet and skunky aroma and her strong indica high that make her always a top smoke for chilling and relaxation.

Growers love Critical because she is a very reliable plant which is pleasing scores of growers of all experience levels with large yields of quality indica bud that are in particular big and dense. This autoflowering variety of the famous Critical, Royal Critical Autoflowering is a brilliant automatic version of the strain for all those who love autos for their convenience and fast growth. Because she is so easy to grow she’s also a very good choice for new cannabis growers who want to see results fast without any hassles.

Royal Critical Auto grows to an unassuming height of only 60 to 80cm which makes her a good plant for even the tiniest of spaces. Still, the compact and bushy plant has an open structure so that light can reach the whole plant for maximum yields. With indoor harvests as high as 400g/m² and outdoor yields as high as 165g per plant and her entire life-cycle especially short with only 9 weeks from seed to harvest she’s one of the best producers among autoflowering strains.

But Royal Critical Autoflowering isn’t just all about quantity and some nice numbers. What makes her outstanding is the quality of her bud that she will grow in this short time. Her tightly packed buds please with an intense sweet Skunk aroma and when you can finally light them with an awesome, heavy and very satisfying indica smoke.

With 14% of THC, she’s strong enough that she will give you waves of deep relaxation and when you smoke some more a pleasant stone that will soothe and calm your entire body. She also has high therapeutic potential and can be a good choice for medicinal users who want help with treating a variety of health conditions.

Royal Critical Autoflowering is an excellent autoflowering Critical that doesn’t disappoint. She’s a great plant to grow for all indica lovers and can be in particular recommended for growers that are just starting out with their growing journey.

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Grow difficulty
Flowering type
From seed to harvest
8-9 weeks
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
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