Royal Creamatic

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Royal Creamatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
Royal Creamatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Royal Creamatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica-dominant (60%)
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Royal Creamatic: Superb indica auto with great taste

Royal Creamatic is an autoflowering indica that brings a new and different flavour to the table. Royal Creamatic is based on a popular Spanish favourite, the flavourful Cream Caramel which is a cross between a BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino. With some Ruderalis added, the new creation, now fittingly named Royal Creamatic doesn’t just deliver the same great taste and high like the original. She is now even easier to grow with a ridiculous short life-cycle for the entire plant of only 7-8 weeks after your seed has sprouted.

This is a typical indica hybrid with a strong indica dominance. Her very dense and nicely aromatic buds will make for an awesome indica smoke that won’t disappoint. With her moderate amount of 15% of THC she is still potent enough to deliver a heavy and very relaxing physical effect which makes her a very good night-time smoke. Her great sweet caramel flavour will round off this wonderful smoke experience.

Royal Creamatic definitely isn't a tall plant. Grow her, and she will normally stay at a height of 60-80cm. This makes her a good plant that you can grow in even the tiniest of tents. Outdoors, she won’t get much bigger either and will max out at 100cm: Ideal for stealth and guerrilla grows! When conditions are optimal, Royal Creamatic can yield as much as 450g/m² indoors. Grow her outdoors and you can expect as much as 165g per plant.

Royal Creamatic is an autoflower that truly stands out, despite her small size. She can be the ideal plant for your your balcony or terrace where other strains would simply be too big to grow. Her compact size can also be an advantage if you want to keep your grow op hidden from others.

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From seed to harvest
7-8 weeks
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