Royal AK Autoflowering

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Royal AK Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
Royal AK Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Royal AK Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica/sativa autoflowering
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Royal AK Automatic: remains at a small and compact size

Royal AK Automatic is composed of 35 percent sativa genetics, 40 percent indica genetics and 25 percent ruderalis genetics. These genes were passed down from parent strains AK-47 and cannabis ruderalis. The autoflowering strain contains a low CBD count and an average THC content. This cannabinoid profile makes Royal AK Automatic a great smoke when you don’t want to get too stoned.

The light and gentle nature of a high from this strain allows maximum functionality whilst still enjoying certain aspects of being high. This strain also makes a great choice when it comes to microdosing in order to avoid overdoing a dose. With this said, do not underestimate the strain, if you smoke enough it will hit with some force.

The presence of indica and sativa genetics within this strain make for a happy and active high that can be used throughout the day to boost motivation. The high experienced from this strain is slightly more sativa based and therefore activates a head high composed of wavy and almost psychedelic features. When used at the right time, the indica elements of this strain can induce a relaxed and sleepy feel. The taste of Royal AK Automatic when smoked or vaped is primarily spicy, augmented by hints of sourness.

The autoflowering ruderalis features of Royal AK Automatic make it an easy strain to grow, and it should pose little to no problems for novice growers when it comes to achieving a good yield that they can be proud of. This strain thrives in mild and warm climates, but can deal with the cold quite well. If grown indoors the strain will remain at a discreet and stealthy size of around 70 cm. If cultivated outdoors under the sun and in good quality soil, Royal AK Automatic can peak at sizes of 100 cm.

Harvesting will most likely take place around 7 weeks after germination has taken place, making Royal AK Automatic a fast growing plant perfect for quick and sneaky grow operations. The flowers from this strain offer a THC content of 15 percent.

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Grow difficulty
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From seed to harvest
7-8 weeks
Yield (indoor)
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