Purple Bud

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Purple Bud (White Label)
Purple Bud (White Label)
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Purple Bud (White Label)
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Purple Bud: Legendary genetics and beautiful purple flowers

Purple Bud is an indica heavy cannabis strain that harbours some impressive genetic history as it is the product of indica varieties found within the legendary Hindu Kush region. The strain also has links to the California marijuana scene and to the breeding mastery witnessed in the Netherlands as well. This strain is highly unique as it presents purple buds when it blooms, a trait that is uncommon in many purple varieties of cannabis that typically only display the beautiful colour on their leaves. Purple Bud is a product of the crossbreeding of an unknown Jamaican sativa, Afghani, Hindu Kush and US Purple Kush.

Being a heavy indica variety of cannabis, Purple Bud offers most users an extremely relaxing high that causes feelings of happiness, euphoria and sleepiness. However, when smoked within the correct setting, Purple Bud can also be thought provoking and has the potential to initiate some very interesting, deep and philosophical discussion among friends.

The indica nature of this strain offers quite a bit of medical potential that may be useful in cases of depression, muscle spasms, pain, stress and eye pressure. The body high produced by this strain is perfect for chilled evenings.

Purple Bud has some desirable scents to it when combusted and releases aromas of sweetness, pine and pepper.

When growing Purple Bud, expect to witness some compact, thick, resin dense purple flowers when harvest time approaches. This really is a stunning and relatively rare sight. Whether grown within an indoor grow tent or outdoors in a garden bed, greenhouse or pot, Purple Bud will kick out some impressive yields. If growing outdoors, be prepared to harvest plants around the end of September after a flowering time of between 50 and 65 days.

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By 0Zerothree3 Sep 1-2019
I don’t know why but was skeptical about WhiteLabel - no longer. The pheno I have with does not turn purple, which is why I original chose this strain - unique looking. I have chronic pain and no matter what it looks like colorwise, or the gene pool, if it doesn’t help it doesn’t stay. This one has been in rotation for a couple years now. I have typically take her down at 8wks after 12/12 - that works great for me. The flowers are pretty dense and get plenty of frosting. There has been no problems with cuttings taking root, either. Yield is on the medium large side. The only strain that has been around longer here has been Special Queen #1. Worth giving a honest try.... 4.75 ⭐️s out of 5 ⭐️s