Northern Lights XL Autoflowering

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Northern Lights XL Autoflowering (Zambeza Seeds)
Northern Lights XL Autoflowering (Zambeza Seeds)
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Northern Lights XL Autoflowering (Zambeza Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
Northern Lights XL
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Northern Lights XL Autoflowering: crazy productive Northern Lights Auto XL style

Northern Lights is one of the most popular strains these days and she is so not without a whole bunch of good reasons. The strain, which cannabis lore tells us has been created back in the mid-80s from 11 different seeds has become a staple for indoor growing because she’s possibly the best example for how incredible yields of finest quality weed can now be grown literally everywhere, even by new growers!

Northern Lights XL had been created as a Northern Lights variant where breeders managed to improve this Indica even more so growers can get even better yields in record time while still keeping the plant’s size reasonable for most growing environments. The Northern Lights XL Autoflowering now adds autoflowering ability to the strain while keeping her fantastic yields and production so she can rightfully carry the XL in her name.

Superb harvests of 350-400g/m² of NL goodness in a super short life cycle of only 60-70 days are the staple of this autoflower with her famous genetics. Maybe these impressive numbers on their own could be all what you’d want to know to grow her if you wouldn’t also know about the excellent quality of the final product which is always guaranteed when you grow a Northern Lights!

For an autoflower, the plant can get to a good height of up to 130cm indoors and 150cm outdoors. Get ready for a beautiful sight to behold once she starts flowering where she'll be brimming with a ton of very aromatic XL-sized buds all over!

Northern Lights XL Autoflowering doesn’t just make growers happy, not there would be anything wrong with that. Smoking Northern Lights is always something truly special, given that she makes for a top quality indica smoke that combines good potency with a stellar flavour. The THC levels of Northern Lights XL Autoflowering may only measure a moderate 14%, but don’t let this fool you because she sure ain’t weak by a long shot.

She will make for a superb indica experience that is super-relaxing, perfect for stress relief and simply pure joy as soon as you light her up. Her flavour, like her effect, is top of the line as well. Northern Lights XL Autoflowering blends an awesome sweet aroma notes with some slightly acidic citrus tones perfectly while keeping the smoke awesomely smooth.

There are not many autoflowers out there that can pretty-much guarantee an abundance of top quality Indica like you get when you grow a Northern Lights. Just grow her and see for yourself why Northern Lights XL Autoflowering is a truly outstanding autoflower!

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From seed to harvest
9-10 weeks
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