MiG-29 Autoflowering

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MiG-29 (Auto Seeds)
MiG-29 (Auto Seeds)
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MiG-29 (Auto Seeds)
Indica/sativa autoflowering
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MiG-29 Autoflowering: perfect balance of yield, strength, and quality

Please note: This strain is no longer actively sold/bred by Auto Seeds.

MiG-29 is a hybrid cannabis strain, boasting a unique combination of G13 Haze and Ruderalis genetics. While not one of the most popular strains out there, MiG-29 offers a variety of unique traits loved both by users and growers.

MiG-29 was created with the goal of creating a new cannabis variety that combines the unique effects and quality of Haze without the exceptionally long flowering times of original Haze strains. The end result is a strain that boasts the powerful cerebral effects of a Haze with a gentle, relaxing physical buzz that’s usually associated with indica varieties.

Medical users will most likely appreciate this strain for it’s ability to tackle some generalized pain. The fact that it offers a generally uplifting, euphoric high characterized by Haze varieties may also lend it useful in curbing some of the symptoms of anxiety, stress, or depression. The fact that MiG-29 is a very uplifting strain makes it ideal for daytime use or in situations where users want to remain productive or motivated.

MiG-29 boasts some nice flavours and aromas as well. A fresh batch of MiG-29 buds will produce a potent aroma characterized by an interesting mix of both fruity and spicy. The flavour of this strain is also dominated by an interesting mix of fruit and spice, and some users might even detect subtle herbal undertones.

MiG-29 is a great strains for growers, offering the perfect balance between quality and yield. Thanks to its ruderalis genetics, MiG-29 plants usually don’t grow above 1 metre tall and are autoflowering. This makes them ideal for indoor growers working in small spaces or outdoor growers looking to attract as little attention as possible. Total lifespan for these plants is about 80 days from seedling to harvest, and average indoor harvests are about 500g/m².

MiG-29 also makes for a great outdoor grow thanks to its tough ruderalis genetics. It can easily withstand colder northern climates given it gets plenty of sunlight and is planted in some high quality soil.

The buds produced by these plants are small and dense, reminiscent of an indica. However, they tend to have a nice, dense layer of trichomes and produce a great high that’ll instantly remind users of its strong Haze genetics.

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From seed to harvest
11-12 weeks
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