Candy Rain

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Candy Rain
Candy Rain
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Candy Rain
Indica-dominant (70%)
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Indoors, outdoors or greenhouse

Candy Rain: Moreish Sessions Guaranteed

Candy Rain

Candy Rain boasts elite parentage that culminates in a flavoursome cannabis hybrid with a good THC level. This plant offers an uncomplicated experience in the grow room and satisfying yields. Its stunning flowers invite users to sessions full of fruity terpenes, tantalising the taste buds and the senses.

Genetic background of Candy Rain

A well-known staple in cannabis dispensaries and coffee shops, the mighty Gelato is one of the strains used for the breeding project of Candy Rain. The other parent is London Pound Cake, and together these fragrant varieties created a well-rounded specimen with a lot going for it. Candy Rain is made up of 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics, which makes for an uplifting, relaxing experience.


Gelato is praised by cannabis fans the world over thanks to its balanced nature and relaxing, happy high powered by 21% THC. Its genetic background of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies results in a delicious terpene profile of sweet and fruity aromas that can be best experienced by vaping. What's more, these flowers are beautiful to look at, sporting a thick layer of trichomes and oftentimes purple hues.

London Pound Cake

Indica-dominant and powerful, London Pound Cake passed on its fair share of desirable qualities to Candy Rain. This plant was created by crossing Sunset Sherbert and a mysterious potent indica, and it bursts with flavours. Its terpene profile is quite complex, blending sweet with spicy and adding diesel and nutty notes into the mix. When ingested, London Pound Cake is all about relaxed and sleepy vibes, soothing mind and body.

Aroma and Flavour of Candy Rain

Candy Rain

The mouth-watering name of this variety hints at its flavours and users definitely won't be disappointed when they try these flowers. Catering to all those who love fruity cannabis, Candy Rain boasts bags of sweet, fruity aromas complemented by zingy citrus undertones. The experience is elevated by the buttery creaminess of the fragrance, which makes smoking this bud moreish and fun. Cannabis chefs enjoy using Candy Rain in all sorts of baked goods, whose flavours can be elevated by these delicious flowers.

Potency and Effects of Candy Rain

The rich genetic background of this plant allows it to produce quick effects. Coupled with 18–20% THC, Candy Rain's phytochemicals offer happy vibes, lifting users up and allowing them to chill out simultaneously.

Recreational Uses

Candy Rain is an excellent choice for times when you need an invigorating kick of energy. This plant is sure to lift your spirits and make you feel happy and light as a feather. As such, it can work wonders during social gatherings, kick-starting any party. You can be sure you're in for fun times and plenty of laughs with your buddies when you share these sticky flowers with them.

Medical Uses

For holistic users, Candy Rain can come in handy when you're looking to take the edge off stress and feelings of nervousness and pressure. It might also cheer you up when you're experiencing bouts of low mood, or it might do the trick when you have trouble falling asleep.

Potential Side Effects

As with any cannabis strain, sensibility is key, and while Candy Rain is not extremely potent, it can overwhelm in excessive doses. You can expect the usual red eyes and perhaps increased thirst, but otherwise this variety does not usually cause issues. That being said, if you're prone to paranoia or anxiety when you consume cannabis, it is a distinct possibility with this strain too.

Growing Candy Rain

Candy Rain

When it comes to cultivating this variety, growers will be happy to know that it can work for indoor, outdoor or greenhouse setups. This versatility allows for anyone to try their hand at experiencing Candy Rain in their operation. Plants tend to grow to medium heights and produce a respectable stash at the end of the growing project.

Indoor Growing Tips

Under artificial lights in indoor setups, Candy Rain usually peaks at a very manageable 110–130cm. This means it will be suitable for smaller spaces and it's a great choice for growing indoors in general. When harvest time rolls around, which is after 9–10 weeks of flowering, Candy Rain is capable of bringing a respectable 450–550g/m² to the table, provided it's given good care and plenty of love.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Those who prefer the outdoors will also have a rather breezy experience when rearing Candy Rain. When exposed to sunshine, this variety can grow taller than indoors, up to 130–150cm. If you give your plants plenty of space, they should be able to produce up to 550g each come harvest time.

Should you try Candy Rain?

Candy Rain

Candy Rain boasts plenty of likeable features that will please both the grower and the toker. Those who enjoy smoking or vaping are sure to love this plant's scrumptious terpene profile, as well as its uplifting effects. And let's not forget Candy Rain's great bag appeal, its flowers are beautiful and inviting to look at. For the growers, there's the straightforward cultivation process, good results and medium-sized plants that are a pleasure to look after.

Candy Rain Cannabis Strain FAQ

Q: What are the genetics of Candy Rain?
A: Candy Rain is a hybrid, created by crossing Gelato and London Pound Cake.

Q: What are the aromas and flavours of Candy Rain?
A: The flowers of this variety are packed with sweet, fruity aromas, with a little bit of citrus for good measure.

Q: What are the effects of Candy Rain?
A: This variety can bring feelings of happiness and even euphoria, lifting the mood and relaxing the users.

Q: How do I grow Candy Rain?
A: Candy Rain can be cultivated in any environment. It’s productive and it's got an average flowering time.

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