Candy Kush Express - Fast Flowering

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Candy Kush Express - Fast Flowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
Candy Kush Express - Fast Flowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Candy Kush Express - Fast Flowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica-dominant (60%)
Sweet Special
Royal Kush
Smell & flavour

Candy Kush Express - Fast Flowering: A potent body high balanced out by sativa genetics

Candy Kush Express - Fast Flowering is an indica dominant hybrid strain that features 60 percent indica genetics and 40 percent sativa genetics. The strain is the result of the crossbreeding of parent strains Sweet Special and Royal Kush. This breeding project has resulted in a strain that represents an almost perfect balance between the two major subspecies of cannabis. The result is a fast flowering strain that produces strong buds.

One of the first things a smoker might experience upon taking a toke of a joint or bud loaded with Candy Kush Express is the pleasant and potent sweet taste that rolls over the tongue. This delightful taste is quickly followed by a balanced high that hits the body and the mind simultaneously.

The body high aspects that the strain offers are the result its indica qualities, characteristics that were passed down from parent strain Royal Kush. The body high is heavy, hard hitting, and so relaxing that it may very well result in a couch-lock sensation. As well as being a great choice for some recreational relaxation, the calming and relaxing nature of these indica properties may help those with sleep issues by acting as a sedative. These effects are well balanced by the sativa aspects of the high which are more cerebral and energetic.

Candy Kush Express can be grown within indoor and outdoor environments and prefers a mild climate in order to thrive and reach full potential. If growing the strain indoors within a grow room or a tent then yields can reach up to 525g per square metre. Indoor plants will peak at heights between 60-100cm. This rather small stature makes Candy Kush Express a plant that is remarkably easy to conceal and keep hidden, making it a great choice for growers who want to keep their operation on the down low. It also makes a good choice for those growing within very limited space.

Outdoor plants will grow slightly taller and can reach up to 170cm in height. Outdoor plants can reach a maximum output of around 500g per plant when it comes to yields. Harvest time for outdoor crops usually occurs around early September, and the flowering period of Candy Kush Express is approximately 7 weeks.

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