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Black Diamond
Black Diamond
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Black Diamond
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Black Diamond: Indica-Dominant Eye Candy

Black Diamond

Black Diamond—aka Black Diamond Kush or Black Diamond OG—has the ability to induce giggles and some serious munchies. This indica-dominant strain is known for being slightly finicky to grow but responds well to training. Black Diamond is a great strain for users who want to chill and unwind after a long day without feeling completely glued to the couch. Moreover, smokers can look forward to a deep, sultry flavour that some associate with red wine—delicious!

Genetic Background of Black Diamond: Blackberry Meets Diamond OG

Black Diamond is an indica-heavy hybrid of Diamond OG and Blackberry. Known for its glimmering buds and characteristic Kush effects and flavours, Black Diamond demonstrates its formidable heritage with pride.

Diamond OG

A cross between OG Kush and an unknown strain, Diamond OG is known for its dense, resinous buds and its signature aroma of earthy pine and diesel fuel.


Blackberry is a popular indica strain (Afghani x Black Domina) that is known for its sweet berry flavour and relaxing, sleep-inducing qualities.

Aroma and Flavour of Black Diamond: Like a Glass of Red Wine

Black Diamond harnesses the terpene profiles of its parents—rich in myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene—to exhibit a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of grape and berry. On the whole, the classic earthy notes dominate and make the strain’s Kush heritage known after the first toke. Nevertheless, Black Diamond introduces sweet notes of berries, making it fruitier than other Kush cultivars.

Potency and Effects of Black Diamond: Ultimate Relaxation

Black Diamond

Black Diamond packs a punch with a THC content ranging from 18–24%. Although not the strongest strain on the market by numbers, its effect is extremely relaxing and has the potential to incapacitate novices. While it’s not an immediate couch-locker, at higher doses, it does have the potential to promote sleep.

The top-reported effects of Black Diamond include:

  • Relaxation
  • Laughter
  • Happiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Hunger

This last effect is particularly notable; Black Diamond is known to cause a ravenous case of the munchies, so stock up your fridge and pantry as necessary.

Recreational Uses

Laidback cannabis users will appreciate Black Diamond’s soothing embrace. Just minutes after smoking, you can look forward to an initial period of uplifting euphoria and giddiness, which gradually tapers into a long-lasting, full-body high. For this reason, the strain is primarily implicated for evening use. Although not recommended for high-energy situations, Black Diamond can be a good choice for socialising with friends in a chill, comfortable environment.

Medical Uses

Black Diamond is an excellent option for individuals looking to boost appetite, address an upset stomach, take the edge off of physical pain, or find it easier to go to sleep. As its effects can be somewhat lethargic in higher quantities, it isn’t recommended for boosting motivation or supporting a high level of activity during the day.

Side Effects

Commonly reported side effects from Black Diamond include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness.

Growing Black Diamond: A Worthy Challenge

Black Diamond

Black Diamond cannabis seeds are available from various seed banks, with each cultivar exhibiting slightly different characteristics. In general, this variety is known to be somewhat high-maintenance to grow, in that it is not especially forgiving. Moreover, without using training techniques, yields from this plant are generally on the lower side. That said, growers with experience can achieve good results with Black Diamond, and will be treated to long, dense, glittering buds boasting shades of green and purple.

Indoor Growing Tips

This strain is known to grow to a moderate height, which makes it suitable for practically all indoor grow rooms or tents. While it is true that the yields of this strain are relatively low, averaging 50–300g/m², the quality of the product is certainly worth the effort. Moreover, some seed banks claim that their version of Black Diamond can produce up to 500g/m². The flowering period for Black Diamond lasts about 8 weeks, which means growers won’t have to wait very long to harvest their crop.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Little is known about how this strain grows outdoors, but it’s expected to reach moderate heights and deliver small–medium yields. Given optimal conditions, up to 300g/plant (or potentially more) is up for grabs in early October. As the weather cools down toward the end of the flowering phase, you can expect to see some purple hues show up on the buds.

Should You Try Black Diamond?

Although not the highest-yielding strain on the planet, the buds produced by this gem are more than worth the extra maintenance required to cultivate it.

For Growers

While some varieties of Black Diamond may be difficult to grow and comparably low-yielding, this strain is by no means low in quality. Growers with at least a couple of harvests under their belt should be able to achieve good results with this cultivar. As the name suggests, Black Diamond buds look like they belong in a jewellery shop. Coated in resin and bearing dazzling hues, these buds offer some real eye candy. That said, if large yields are your number-one priority, perhaps pick a cultivar known for its abundance.

For Recreational Users

Users who enjoy physical relaxation from their weed should get on well with Black Diamond. While it does induce a stoned feeling, it does not completely incapacitate, instead allowing for periods of blissful introspection and serenity. What's more, this strain is known to cause fits of laughter, making it ideal for hanging out with close friends.

For Medical Users

This strain is particularly well-suited to individuals seeking to address pain, insomnia, and low appetite. While it does have mood-boosting effects too, Black Diamond is better suited for relaxing the mind and body than stimulating it.

Black Diamond: A Rare Treat

Black Diamond

Black Diamond deals in relaxing effects and rich, earthy flavours. It is a great strain for those who want to practise their growing skills or simply enjoy a relaxing stone. Regardless of the difficulty of cultivation, Black Diamond is sure to delight your senses with a top-shelf cannabis experience.

Black Diamond Weed Strain: FAQ

Q: What are the yields of Black Diamond?
A: Black Diamond produces small yields of around 50–300g/m² or 50–300g/plant.

Q: Can you buy Black Diamond seeds?
A: Black Diamond is available in seed form from a variety of seed banks, each of which may differ in characteristics.

Q: What are the effects of Black Diamond?
A: The top-reported effects of Black Diamond include relaxation, laughter, happiness, sleepiness, and hunger.

Q: What are the flavours and aromas of Black Diamond?
A: Black Diamond has a sweet, earthy aroma and flavour with hints of grape and berry.

Grow your own Black Diamond

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8 weeks
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Early October
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