Black Cream Autoflowering

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Black Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds)
Black Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds)
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Black Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds)
Indica autoflowering
Pakistani Kush Auto
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Black Cream Auto: Crossing between Pakistani Kush Auto x Cream Caramel

Black Cream Auto is an autoflowering variety with dominant indica genetics. It is a cross between an autoflowering Pakistani Kush and Cream Caramel, making for a unique strain treasured by both recreational and medical cannabis users as well as grow enthusiasts.

Both recreational and medical users cherish this strains for it’s powerful indica-dominant effects. As is characteristic of indica-dominant strains, Black Cream Auto produces strong sedative effects and deep physical relaxation. This makes it ideal for night-time use or for users wanting to kick back and unwind for a couple of hours. Some users might notice some slight cerebral effects (this is a hybrid strain after all), but Black Cream Auto’s effects are generally reminiscent of a good, strong indica.

Medical users might benefit from the unique effects of this strain in treating persistent pain, stress, or anxiety. It may also help offset physical feelings of fatigue and, when used in high doses, could help induce sleep in users suffering from insomnia.

Another attractive aspect of Black Cream Auto is it’s unique aromatic and flavour profile. A fresh batch of these buds will usually produce a thick, lingering aroma characterized by a pleasant mix of sweet honey and coffee aromas reminiscent of Cream Caramel. The flavours from an unlit bowl or joint will usually be sweet, yet slightly herbal as well.

The grow traits of Black Cream Auto are very obviously indica-dominant. Think short, bushy plants with short internodal spacing and an impressively large central umbel. These plants will usually only grow to a maximum of 110cm both indoors and outdoors and take from seed to harvest in about 8-9 weeks. Black Cream Auto is a medium yielder producing about 350-550 g/m2 indoors and up to 35-150 g/plant outdoors.

Black Cream Auto buds are usually small and dense, again typical of an indica, and boast deep purple hues. They are usually very resinous and generously speckled with dark orange hairs. The aroma from these buds, as mentioned earlier, is extremely intriguing and the effects are, very powerful.

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From seed to harvest
8 weeks
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