Auto Banana Blaze

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Auto Banana Blaze
Auto Banana Blaze
Auto Banana Blaze
Auto Banana Blaze
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Auto Banana Blaze
Auto Banana Blaze
Indica autoflowering
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Auto Banana Blaze: You Want Fruit? You Got It.

Auto Banana Blaze Overview

Auto Banana Blaze is a unique autoflowering cannabis strain that has gained popularity due to its exotic aroma and decent yields. Auto Banana Blaze has something to offer whether you’re an experienced grower or just starting out. This plant is the crossing of Banana Blaze X Auto Mazar, both fan favourites from Dutch Passion. So let's dive into all things Auto Banana Blaze—from growth tips and tricks to understanding who this strain will benefit most. Get ready as we uncover everything there is to know about Auto Banana Blaze.

Growth Characteristics of Auto Banana Blaze

Auto Banana Blaze is an autoflowering hybrid strain that can reach heights of up to 3 feet (1m) and has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks, going from seed to harvest in about 12-14 weeks. This strain is known for its large yields, dense buds, and sweet banana aroma. The plant grows quickly and produces thick stems with dark green leaves. It also has bright orange pistils that give the plant a unique look.

The buds produce that satisfying sticky feel and have a sweet banana smell when ready to harvest. In an ideal indoor environment, Auto Banana Blaze can produce up to 400–500g/m². Outdoors, plants can produce up to 100g/plant.

This strain does best in warm climates with plenty of sunlight, but it can be grown indoors as well as long as you provide enough light for it to thrive in its environment.

Auto Banana Blaze is a fast-growing strain that can produce large yields of potent buds. With the right environment and care, it can provide an enjoyable growing experience for both novice and experienced growers alike. Now let's look at some tips for getting the best out of this unique strain.

Tips for Growing Auto Banana Blaze

Auto Banana Blaze Strain

Growing Auto Banana Blaze is a great way to get into the world of cannabis cultivation. This strain is easy to grow indoors or outdoors in warm climates, and requires little maintenance. It's also resistant to pests and diseases, making it an ideal choice for novice growers.

When growing indoors, make sure you provide plenty of light and ventilation for your plants. You'll want to use a high-quality LED grow light that provides full spectrum lighting for optimal growth. Additionally, be sure to keep your room temperature between 70–80°F (21–27°C) with humidity levels between 40–60%.

Watering is essential when growing Auto Banana Blaze; however, she doesn't drink so fast so be carefully not to overwater, as this can lead to root rot or other issues. Make sure the soil drains well so excess water can escape easily, and check the moisture level before watering again by sticking your finger into the soil up until the first knuckle joint - if it feels dry, then it's time for more water. In fact, when grown outdoors, it is recommended to grow in the drier months to ensure it's not overwatered. Results have shown the best yields when grown in aerated mediums and containers, such as smart pots or fabric grow bags. 

Nutrients are also important when cultivating Auto Banana Blaze; using organic fertilizers will help ensure healthy plant growth while avoiding any potential chemical residue on buds at harvest time—growing this strain organically also tends to produce much more pronounced flavour profiles. Look for nutrient mixes specifically designed for cannabis plants that contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium as well as trace elements like calcium and magnesium. Follow instructions carefully when applying nutrients so you don't overfeed your plants.

Finally, pruning is key when cultivating Auto Banana Blaze. Trim away any dead leaves or branches during the flowering stage to promote better air circulation throughout the canopy and allow light penetration all around each bud site. This will result in bigger yields come harvest time.

By following the tips for growing Auto Banana Blaze, you can ensure that your plants will thrive and yield a bountiful harvest. Now let's take a look at the characteristics of this strain, including its yield, smell, flavour and effect.

Smell, Flavour & Effect of Auto Banana Blaze

Auto Banana Blaze's aroma is sweet, with notes of banana that will tantalize your senses. The smell produced by this strain is very strong and pungent; its sweet scent will fill any room quickly. When smoking or vaping Auto Banana Blaze, you’ll be hit with a fruity flavour that combines citrusy undertones with spicy accents—an unforgettable experience for sure.

Its terpene profile is as follows (approx): 

  • Terpinolene (floral smell, sweet/citrus flavour): 29.76%
  • Beta-caryophyllene (spicy smell and flavour): 20.24%
  • Beta-myrcene (earthy smell, sweet flavour): 14.29%
  • Beta-Pinene (woody and fresh flavour and smell): 7.14%
  • Limonene (citrus smell and flavour): 5.95%
  • Other: 22.67%

Finally, the effects produced by this strain are both calming and uplifting; great for those looking to relax after a long day at work or simply unwind on their own time. 

Its main cannabinoid content is as follows (approx):

  • THC: 16%
  • CBG: 1.48%
  • CBC: 0.16%
  • CBD: 0.10%
  • CBN: <0,05%

Auto Banana Blaze has a flavour profile that is sure to satisfy even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur. Now let's look at who Auto Banana Blaze is suitable for.

Who is Auto Banana Blaze Suitable For?

Growers: Auto Banana Blaze is suitable for both novice growers who want something easy to cultivate as well as experienced growers looking for something new to try out since this strain doesn't require too much maintenance compared to other cannabis varieties available today. 

Users: The bud from Auto Banana Blaze has a moderate potency, with a THC level of 16%. As such, it can be a good place for novices to cut their teeth, or a nice chill strain for more experienced users to kick back with and not get into anything too heavy.

Conclusion: Auto Banana Blaze—Tropical, Easy, Well-Rounded

Auto Banana Blaze

It's easy to grow and produce good yields with Auto Banana Blaze, with a sweet banana flavour and aroma. The effects are uplifting but relaxing, making it suitable for those looking for a true chill session. If you're looking for something different in your garden or just want to try out this exciting strain, Auto Banana Blaze could be a perfect choice.

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