Auto Anubis

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Auto Anubis (Pyramid Seeds)
Auto Anubis (Pyramid Seeds)
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Auto Anubis (Pyramid Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Auto Anubis: Great strain for beginner growers

Auto Anubis is an indica dominant autoflowering strain that features indica, sativa, and cannabis ruderalis genetics. The strain is the result of the crossbreeding of parent strains Wembley, Chronic, and cannabis ruderalis. Auto Anubis is a fast growing strain with a rapid turnover, making it a great choice for growers who are out to make a living, or simply for those who want to get harvesting and filling up their stash jars as soon as possible.

Auto Anubis offers a pleasant flavor to smokers. When blazing a thick joint or loaded pipe of this strain, prepare to experience the potent tones of grapefruit accompanied by a potent scent of sweetness. The flowers produced by this strain contain a THC content of around 15 percent. This moderate amount of the cannabinoid won’t send users sky high, yet still offers a strong and noticeable psychoactive effect. This is perfect for smokers who want to blaze the herb through the day during projects and work, without becoming too stoned and encumbered to function. The flowers of Auto Anubis are also home to around 0.7 percent CBD and an amount of CBN. These two cannabinoids add medical potential to this strain. The moderate amount of THC also means those seeking medical relief can do so without getting totally blitzed with every inhalation, also CBD levels are rather low to produce profound effects.

Auto Anubis is definitely a strain for novice growers looking for an easy strain to start with, yet will also appeal to veteran cannabis cultivators who want a quick harvest with good yields. The autoflowering nature of the strain means that beginners don’t need to change the light cycle in order to force plants into the flowering stage of the grow cycle. Plants will erupt from seed to harvest in around 9-10 weeks, this rapid time frame is ideal for beginners looking for a quick reward and for growers who want to complete their operation as quickly as possible. Auto Anubis usually maintains a short height and isn’t expected to exceed 130cm, making it manageable and easy to conceal. This also allows growers working with limited space to grow considerably more plants. Indoors can kick out yields of around 550g per metre squared. If growing Auto Anubis outdoors expect large yields.

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9-10 weeks
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