Auto Afghan Skunk

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Auto Afghan Skunk (Advanced Seeds)
Auto Afghan Skunk (Advanced Seeds)
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Auto Afghan Skunk (Advanced Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Auto Afghan Skunk: A great smoke for when looking to relax and have some down time

Auto Afghan Skunk is the result of crossing genetics from ruderalis, Skunk and Afghan varieties. This strain is well known for its versatile and hardy nature, making it an ideal plant for many different conditions. The plant is highly resistant to mould and is strikingly easy to grow.

Auto Afghan Skunk is a mix of indica, sativa and ruderalis genetics. The ruderalis element of the plants make up is a factor that makes it rather easy to grow in comparison to some other varieties. This is in part due to the fact that the grower will not need to change the light cycle in order to force the plant into the flowering phase of the grow cycle. Instead, Auto Afghan Skunk will handle this matter on its own.

Auto Afghan Skunk is a popular strain among novices and experienced growers alike. It’s versatile nature means it can handle indoor and outdoor conditions impressively well. These characteristics make the plant quite forgiving and it can handle some trouble well on its own.

Growers cultivating Auto Afghan Skunk outdoors can expect to see the strain achieve heights of medium size, enabling the sativa genetics to really shine through. Those preferring to grow indoors can expect to see plant heights of up to 1 metre. This smaller indoor height is ideal for smaller growing areas, or large areas in which a grower wants to fit in as much plant material as possible.

If choosing to grow Auto Afghan Skunk outdoors, growers will be able to harvest yields of around 100+ grams per plant. In contrast, indoor growers of the strain will be harvesting approximately 400 grams per meter squared at the end of the flowering phase.

Auto Afghan Skunk takes around 70 days to go from germination to harvest.

The buds harvested from Auto Afghan Skunk are rich in resin and hold a THC content of around 17 percent. The effects of these flowers of the psyche when smoked are extremely relaxing. They have a hashish taste to them.

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From seed to harvest
10 weeks
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